Friday Afternoon I got a tip that Romney surrogates Kerry Healey the fmr Lt. Gov of Massachusetts under Mitt Romney and Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) would be making an appearance at the Hollis Pharmacy & General Store.

Remembering the absolutely Mob scene at the Santorum event and the Iconic Nature of the location I headed up early being one of the first people to arrive.

As people started to show up I was able to interview several local residents starting with Dwayne

and Tom

There were local candidates as well such as Rep Gary Daniels

he is running in a “Float” district, basically NH makes leftover districts from overflow of redistricting into floating districts.

I did a quick pan of the group that was there:

Shortly after the Pan the Senator and fmr Lt. Gov arrived.

And were warmly welcomed

As the event was put together on short notice both the Senator

and the Lt. Gov

Had time to meet people and pose for shots

They then made their pitch

And took questions

On Iran

The Size of Government

and Spin

The Senator answered as question as she was leaving:

I’ve never seen a poll so in touch with the people she represents.

How will this all play out, we’ll find out in 30 days

Today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio we will be talking the Democrat Convention & the Romney/Ayotte/Healey events of yesterday.

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Update: My Amazon review of Tim Book went live after this post went up here.