…instead of simply staying with the pack:

That’s the Obama economy and ah that’s not why kids go to college , they don’t go to college so they can move into their grandmother’s bedroom.

The full video from Mitt Romney’s appearance in Nashua Friday is here

That’s the kind of quote that you can get if you don’t mind the inconvenience of going though the secret service checkpoint more than one to talk to the people in line.

But that’s not what pack “journalism” is all about, is it?

Update: Lets two extra moves into the quotes

You know that poll that shows Obama up by 5.

In all the talk and the gushing you don’t see much on the internals, because if you look at them you see several interesting things:

First lets look at gender, as you know Obama is up with women and down with men, so what was the sample of this poll?

Hold on a second. it’s axiomatic that Obama is polling better with women than men, We are running a polls with an 8 point gap in gender and calling it significant?

let’s look a little closer How about party affiliation?

Hmm a 4 pt split advantage to Democrats, how does that square with the actual party split in the state? I’m not a big fan of Wikipedia but it is the quickest source I could find it shows the demographic split as in Ohio as GOP+1

So in a state that has a 1 pt GOP advantage PPP and the MSM is touting a poll with a 4 pt Dem Skew, a five point difference and lo and behold, what happens? Obama is up 5.

But DaTechGuy, you say. “what about the ideological split, you didn’t mention that, that split favors conservatives.”

I’m glad you brought that up, lets take a look at the self identified conservative/liberal split of the respondents:

Now that’s kind of odd isn’t it? this crosstab suggest that you have a 42% of the people in the poll self identifying themselves as conservative in a poll that is 37% Republican, yet only 28% call themselves liberal? Are we to believe that ALL of republicans are Conservatives with some spill over to the middle or is it more likely that our liberal friends, like their fellows in the media don’t see their own biases and believe themselves moderate?

But OK that’s a supposition, not a fact so if this poll is to be believed Romney is polling 3 pts above his conservative base yet obama is polling 22 pts above his liberal one.

Is there anyone ANYONE stupid enough to believe that? Are you?

This is the poll the MSM is pushing. These figures are available to them just as they are to me, why is it that they are treating these Ohio numbers as Gospel? The answer is in my previous post today from Sarah Hoyt:

However, unless you are going to deny that Journolist ever existed, that respectable journalists engaged to elect Barack Obama despite his deep negatives by coordinating attacks on anyone who challenged him, you can’t say they don’t conspire on the propaganda front. In fact, that’s all they have.

And let’s not forget that we’ve seen interesting interpretations of Ohio polls before (O+9 vs Romney in Nov 2011 REALLY, the same Obama union leaders kept out of their state? during their referendum.)

The MSM isn’t reporting to inform you, they are spinning to demoralize you and to energize a base that was so inspired by Obama they couldn’t fill the stadium in NC they reserved.

Some concern tolls might fall for this nonsense, but I’m not for one second and neither should you.

Update: Sarah Rumpf shows the the official GOP release on the subject, but I still think the better argument is to look at the data the left is using because it doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny.

Update 2: AllahPundit notes a CNN poll getting a lot of press that is just as….interesting:

Speaking of which, number two: Romney trails overall by six points while leading among independents … by 14?

The only way to make those numbers make sense is if the sample of likely voters skews sharply Democratic, which seems improbable, and if the sample of independents here is minuscule. That wouldn’t be unusual for CNN, if so: Just like last week, it looks like they’re pressing hard to get self-identified indies to identify themselves as leaners one way or the other and then reserving the indie column for the few remaining “true independents.” With a small enough sample, Romney could theoretically lead O by 50 points among this group and still trail overall.

Let me point out one basic thing, if the electorate would produce the results they wanted you wouldn’t see such interesting sample gymnastics.

I saw Sarah Hoyt’s piece linked at Instapundit and want to re-assure her that not all of us are drinking the kool-aid.

However, unless you are going to deny that Journolist ever existed, that respectable journalists engaged to elect Barack Obama despite his deep negatives by coordinating attacks on anyone who challenged him, you can’t say they don’t conspire on the propaganda front. In fact, that’s all they have.

The hallmark of the entire “Ride right through them Demoralized as hell” business is looking at the actual actions people with skin in the game have taken. For over a year we have heard Albert Sydney Johnston like bluffs from the left from stuffed pols to resignations to candidate after candidate avoiding Obama like the plague. Let me remind you…:

The Obama campaign knows what the score is. The Base is dissatisfied, Democrats pols have been running away from him for a year, black voters are hesitating over Gay Marriage, the Obamacare decision while painted as a victory has energized the tea party activists, and the once vaunted Obama money machine is so weak when they aren’t begging brides to be for their dowry they’re forced to travel to foreign lands for donations.

And while the public knows the state the economy they are living in, the campaign understands they are not paying attention to the political side of the coin…at least not yet.

The media might have forgotten the money difference but Stacy McCain hasn’t

Whatever amount Team O raised in August, past evidence suggests that they’re deep into a negative “burn rate,” spending money faster than they can raise it, creating the possibility that Romney might blow them out of the water with a massive ad blitz in the final weeks of the campaign. Democrats are seriously worried about that possibility.

I talked about this on my show DaTechGuy on DaRadio in the first hour this week (listen to the entire show here)

“Do you see people running toward Barack Obama? Do you see candidates saying “I stand with Barack Obama”? In Missouri, Todd Akin district, Claire McCaskill ads that she is running is all about running away from Barack Obama and this is even after the Todd Akin stuff, and she’s still behind. Look at what people are actually doing, what they’re actions, what their actions are.”

And I can’t stress this enough, “It doesn’t matter what people say, it matters what people DO!

They’re only shot is the hope the left & their own base will fall for their bluff. PERIOD!