Back during the old days when Iran put out their fatwa on Salmon Rushdie over his book the Satanic Verses I was angry.

Where did those no good so and so’s get off telling me what books I can read or threatening death to those who write.

I noticed people were buying the book to show solidarity with the author and it was suggested by some that not buying the book made you a supporter of those who wanted to shut him up.

I declined. I figured I had no interest in the book and I would be damned if I was going to be made to spend money on something I didn’t want because of some barbarian telling me I couldn’t.

Which brings us to the “Innocence of Muslims”.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m an implacable foe of radical Islam on the side of the Coptic Christians radical Islamists have slaughtered them, burned their churches. (Details at Voice of the Copts here)

So as you might imagine my reaction when I heard about our barbaric Islamic friends, acting barbaric.

My first thought was to put Pam Geller’s “It’s time to quit Islam” ad back on my front page (which I’ve done) and then my second thought was to imbed the video on the site as an In Your Face thing to those who would slaughter us. I usually don’t hold to insulting other people’s religions so

Then I actually watched the video and my jaw dropped.

Not because it was offensive to Islam (it was), not because it portrays Muhammad in a lousy light (it does) but because it was just so BAD..

This 15 minute preview has bad acting, bad script, bad production values, bad dubbing, bad sets bad everything. It’s the type of thing you would use in Gitmo as torture if film critics were kept there. If I ran hell I’d make damned film directors put their name on the credits. Vogon poetry is more rewarding. Compared to this movie Aqua Team Hunger Force is Academy Award material. If you gave Roger Ebert the choice between watching this preview twice or a twelve-hour marathon of the original cut of the Brown Bunny he’d take the Brown Bunny Marathon back to back.

I’d watch the Dr. Who episode Fear Her before I’d watch this video again, it’s THAT BAD.

And remember this is a PREVIEW. Normally the best parts of movies are put in previews, can you imagine how lousy the whole thing is?

Now granted this fuss isn’t really about this movie and we are dealing with people acting like barbarians. If we weren’t dealing with people acting like barbarians I’d suggest the best way to permanently discredit the people involved in this movie is to let people see it.

I suspect there are a million Nigerian e-mail spammer desperate to find the pigeons who actually paid for this.

These people have the first amendment right to make this movie, the producer has the right to pay for it, the actors looking for work certainly have the right to take any work they can, and I fully defend their right to make this and push it to anyone they want. Free speech for all.

But if they want this absolutely horrible bit of filmmaker on my site, it’s going to cost them. Free speech isn’t free here, If you want to pay for the space, I’ll put the move here and link to its site but without payment I wouldn’t link this movie on a bet.

Final thought to radical Islamists, your fear of this joke of a film discredits your faith more than anything these filmmakers have done.

How would the media be acting…

Would not the media be challenging President Bush instead of candidate Obama?

Would not the lead story of every network be the attacks and not the statements of candidate Barack Obama?

Would not the media be discussing a Bush failure to defend US Embassies in two countries?

Would not the media be asking why national security briefings were skipped?

Would not the media be pressing the White House and the State Department for answers?

Would not the media be outraged if President Bush in the same situation had gone to Vegas?

Would not the media be condemning the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for attacking free speech?

They would.

But the president is not George Bush the year is not 2008 and the mainstream media is doing what it always does for Barack Obama, grade him on a curve and defend him from critique.

I suspect the American people seeing our men dead, our embassies stormed and our flag burned will not be so protective of the man in charge who failed to stop embassy attacks on Sept 11th.

This week a KPC poll came out from Massachusetts showing a dead heat between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren and a 16pt lead for Barack Obama.

There are several parts of this poll that are interesting and informative but the single most important figure you need to see is this:

Take a look at that split in Massachusetts Dems out number R’s by 23 points This should tell you how hard it is to elect a Republican nationally. If Independents split 50-50 you would have a 61.5% vs 39.5 win for the Democrats, a 22 point split, but instead it’s 56-40 for Obama.

What does that tell us nationally: Regardless of what the media is telling you Obama is in trouble

Massachusetts is one of the most liberal states in the nation (D+23). In this state a three-point Romney lead among independents is not going to make a huge difference, but in states that are say D+5 with independents that are less left leaning that could make a huge difference.

That is interesting but not as interesting as this:

Take a look at the reverse splits on Romney & Warren Voters vs Obama & Brown voters. If you are a Romney voter you are almost certainly voting for Brown only 3% going Warren & 2% undecided, yet if you are an Obama voter you are four times more likely to Voter for Brown than a Romney voter is to vote for Liz Warren (12%) with an almost equal number still up for grabs (11%).

Meanwhile the exact opposite is at the bottom, Liz Warren voters go for Obama in the same proportion as Romney voters for her, yet Brown voters are five times more likely (15%) to vote Obama with only a 4% up for grabs.

What does this tell us nationally? It tells us the MSM & National Base of the MSM has gone uber left.

There were several interesting local candidates who were willing to challenge Scott Brown, but the National Media and the National Democrats were totally enamored with Elizabeth Warren, pushing for her candidacy and filling her coffers until the local folks were squeezed out. The national media continues to push for Liz Warren bigtime yet look at these results.

How far left is a candidate who is too far left for Obama voters in Massachusetts?

That this is the candidate the national media simply adores and continues to push should inform you not just about Liz Warren, but should inform you about the national media that is still in denial over the results of the 2010 election.

And believe me, if you think they were in shock in 2010, 2012 will put them in a coma.
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