There has been a lot in the news media, a lot of wringing of hands and pointing of fingers at everybody from Mitt Romney to the makers of a film that Ed Wood would have been embarrassed to make.

But there s single fact that no matter how much the media and the left would like to ignore or disguise it, is the overriding truth concerning this weeks attacks.

The Day Started with the media discussing if the George Bush Administration should have anticipated the 9/11 attack 8 months in office in an environment where nobody saw this coming.

The day and in fact the week has ended with the media NOT discussing if Barack Obama should have anticipated the attacks on 9/11/12 after 11 years of war and 44 months in office.

Nobody in the media dare bring this up, such a statement not only implicates The One™ but also reflects on Hilary Clinton the chosen successor to the one in 2016.

So the media will duck dodge and hide behind film makers, Romney Statements and whatever else they can, but it does not change the bottom line:

With a decades worth of history and 44 months in office behind him, Barack Obama failed to prevent an attack that resulted in the killing of an US Ambassador, the burning of our flag and the raising of the Al-Qaeda on the one day when security should have been the highest.

And all this happened on a day when American were most likely to notice.

No amount of spin, media cover, or blaming filmmakers will change this fact.

Today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio in our first hour we will be welcoming Film Director and Blogger Ladd Ehlinger we wil talk about the new 9/11 attacks in Egypt & Libya and the sudden disdain for the first Amendment that the president & the Hollywood left suddenly hold (at least if you offend Islam).

During the 2nd hour we will talk about a subject that I alluded to last week, the Gawker piece suggesting Pedophilia be classified as a sexual orientation and the new piece by Hollywood director Nick Cassavetees defending Incest.

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