After all we have heard the MSM spend the better part of today not only attacking Mitt Romney for saying things to big money donors but saying them BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. In fact we heard Stephanie Cutter of the Obama Campaign stress on MSNBC how bad it was that Mitt Romney spoke these words to rich people “behind closed doors.

So it must a great relief to the MSM to know the Obama Campaign that they so love and respect will open the doors tonight to their $40,000 a head Manhattan event, they will be happy to have the cameras rolling as President Obama says exactly what he thinks to the guests on topics from Egypt to taxes to the deficit.

I’m sure Morning Joe will be very happy to analyze and contrast President Obama’s words, I’m positive Chuck Todd will have the full rundown on them and I’m really looking forward to Stephanie Cutter being able to contrast the open and transparent nature of President Obama’s event to a video shot secretly months ago.

And if for some reason MSNBC isn’t given the video and access is denied and no questions are forthcoming I’m sure MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, Current TV and all their host will deplore the lack of transparency with the same vigor that they dissected the video provided by Mother Jones.

After all, openness and finding the truth is what the whole MSM is all about, as Chuck Todd once put it:

“My job is to bring up issues that Americans care about. It’s my responsibility to ask the tough questions. No matter whose leading the country they need to be held accountable. I have unique access to the president, his advisers, the candidates and members of congress. I’d better use that access for a greater good, use it for people who can’t get through the White House Gates, for people who can’t be heard. The American People deserve answers”

By this time tomorrow we will discover if proper label for this video is “Lean Forward” or “Bend over”

Lean Forward: Chuck Todd from Joe Gabriel on Vimeo.

Up to you Chuck.

A few weeks ago Tina Brown has that rarest of rate moments, a time when an issue of her magazine Newsweek actually made money, there was a catch however the issue’s cover was conservatively themed and produced consternation among the left.

The resulting overwhelming sales, profits and buzz from the issue put Ms. Brown in a bind:

And you KNOW if would work, you could have conservative covers on a regular basis, have one or two a month, keep the rest of the mag liberal and appeal to BOTH sides of the aisle, create buzz, maybe even turn the mag into a print & internet version of Crossfire with a regular feature of two of your writers going at it online…

…Who will you be Tina Brown? Will you be your own women or a kept woman for the left? Will you be the Dutch Sea Begger declaring your independence from your ideological chains, change from being a faux journalist to being a real one? Will you like the De la Marek declare your independence and hold the line against the inevitable counterattack …

…or will you be the Washington Generals, getting one win because nobody was paying attention and the next time dutifully and submissively never making that mistake again?

Well I’ve just seen the latest cover for Newsweek and it looks like we have our answer:

A cover featuring one of the great warriors in the fight against Islamo-fascism, displayed in a positive light is a watershed moment. It is a story by a woman embraced by conservatives, a person the left hates. It’s a story that espouses views that cause the left to react thus:

It is also a cover that is going to sell a ton!

Mind you as predicted, the rest of the issue is pretty much indistinguishable from a normal Newsweek issue, but that doesn’t matter for the left will continue to attack and vilify Brown and Newsweek over this cover and her decision to go ahead and publish it. After all nothing is more dangerous to the left than for their acolytes to read the right unfiltered and unchallenged, it’s a potential game changer.

As for Tina Brown herself, we might be one cover too soon to say it but it appears that she has seen the numbers both financial and demographic and decided to go where no liberal has gone before.

She has decided to go where the customers are.

The Eeyores, the naysayers, the doomsday people would all have us believe that Romney’s “gaffe” is going to cost him the election, or at the very least, some votes.  (See here, here, here, for starters.)

Here’s the thing: we all know that we’re $16 trillion in debt, that we’re running trillion-dollar deficits every year, that there’s no more money.  ObamaCare is running a deficit and it hasn’t even kicked into effect yet. GM is losing billions. The stimulus-funded companies like Solyndra went belly-up. Obama promotes the Life of Julia as if we have a sixteen trillion dollar surplus.

No one denies that there are some people who need to be “in the cart”, so to speak – the very old, the disabled, the outcasts, the dying.  Some people just aren’t going to be contributors, either at this particular point in their lives or, in the case of the very disabled, ever.

But it is ridiculous to suggest that 47% of the country is unable to contribute a single dime to federal income taxes.  At this point, half the people are in the cart, and half the people are pulling the cart. That’s not sustainable, and that’s downright treasonous when we’re borrowing trillions from a Communist country to pay for such cart-sitting.

Mitt Romney said, in effect, that he’s not playing the game.  He’s not going to use our money to bribe other people to vote for him.  He’s going to put forth a plan and assume that adult Americans who want to work and prosper will understand that his plan doesn’t lead us over a cliff.

No wonder why liberal heads explode.  Their entire moral equivalency argument (“But conservatives also buy voters off!!”) was just hit with a nuclear bomb.  “I’m not pandering, I’m talking about the issues” is a death sentence to those who don’t want to talk about the issues.

Continue reading “I am the 53%”

If you want to understand how the left thinks, this week we have seen the perfect expression of it in the reactions to two images/videos

When the Morning Joe folks and the Left saw this image:

Their reaction was non-existent except to attack the right as either being phony supporters of the 1st amendment or nuts for suggesting that the detention of a person over the making of a video no matter how bad (and I’m sorry Zilla but this movie was so bad lemmings use it as a training film)

Nope, nothing wrong, nothing to see here.

Yet when they see this video of Mitt Romney

the entire left is declaring that it means Mitt Romney is unfit to be president

So nighttime arrests of film makers is OK but saying suggesting people who don’t believe in personal responsibility aren’t going to be persuaded by such a message That’s disqualifying.

This is the left’s reality, this is what the left actually thinks. That’s why they actually think the 1st image will be have no effect on the re-election prospects of Barack Obama but the Romney campaign video that’s death.

This is delusion on a grand scale, in November these guys are going to get the shock of his life.

The first of our subscribers videos is on the “Romney Video”

Here is the tease for Non-subscribers

The link to the full video is here. To view it click on the subscribe button to the right on the tip jar. As soon as I get the notification that your subscription is active I’ll send you the link to see the full video.

I expect to make at least two of these a week, they will all be done off the top of my head so you can get DaTechGuy totally unfiltered.

Update: Glenn Reynolds gets it:

the only way Mitt can get any press is if he can convince them that he’s committed a gaffe. Since this is a story that actually helps him, but that the press is dumb enough to think looks like a gaffe, I suspect the campaign was behind it, somehow.

And isn’t it rich that the video was shot by Jimmy Carter’s currently-unemployed grandson? That’s how bad the Obama economy has gotten. . . .

The left on Memeorandum doesn’t get it, Neither does Chuck Todd but in fairness nobody on MSNBC does.

Update 2: Unfortunately Betsy’s page doesn’t get it

I have to say that my first reaction to reading and hearing this video was the same as Josh Barro, Romney just lost the election. He’s already behind and fighting the image that he’s too rich to relate to average people. Saying that these people regard themselves as victims and so won’t support him just comes off as contemptuous.

Betsey the Romney video is going to coin votes for him because when people see that video they think of Peggy Joseph

And Obama Money

I won’t pay for gas I won’t pay for a mortgage, because Obama will pay us out of his secret stash.

Every time the MSM plays this video it reinforces this image, PERIOD!

Update 3: short a link fixed.

Update 4: Jim Treacher gets it while IowaHawk invokes Julia