With apologies to Kipling

It is always a temptation;
when you live on agitation
To call upon a business and to say; —
“We protested you last night
 — back with media tonight
“Unless you pay us cash to go away”

Once that was called the Dane-geld
And the leftists who ask for it explain
That you’ve only to pay ’em modern Dane-Gled
And you’ll be rid of protests that very day

It is always a temptation
for a company that’s craven,
To puff and look important and to say: —
“Though we don’t support your actions
 , we don’t want the press distraction
So we’ll pay you guys to simply go away.

Once that was called paying the Dane-geld
And Al Sharpton & Jess Jackson did explain:
That ’til you come across with modern Dane-Geld
The cry of “racist” never goes away.

It’s always a Temptation,
To a pol, for Vindication
To feed supporters and an Angry base
Chick-Fil-A, its Christian leanings,
Kept the Left, it kept them seething:
So the Mayor of old Beantown was to say:

“Chick-Fil-A I demand a Dane-Geld
Maybe call it Gay-Geld coin a phrase
To open you here you must pay this Gay-Geld
And toss those Christian principles away

It is always a Temptation,
when the media it shakes ’em
To avoid a cry: “You guys are anti-gay”
But Chick’s customers objected
and one Wednesday they came venting
And blew all sales records, just to say:

“Chick-Fil-A you must not pay this Gay-Geld
Don’t act to feed a pandering pols ways
We’ll stand in line to save you from that Gay-Geld
For Christ and for our Free speech we will pay

And as promised they kept coming,
making registers a hummin
Saying you don’t have to give in on this day
Yet Chicago is attractive,
Hungry People it’s not lackin’
So a power tripping Alderman did say:

Chick-Fil-A pay unto me this Gay-Geld
Don’t let those Christian principles hold sway
There’s lots of chicken lovers in Chicago
And our deal don’t have to see da light of day

It is always a temptation
To employ some obfuscation
Advancing your agenda just that way
So the Alderman went crowing
On the media unloading
That he had brought around ole Chick-Fil-A

So the media reported on the Gay-Geld
That Chick-Fil-a seemingly had paid
A great win with the payment of this Gay-Geld
And all the left did shout “Hip Hip hooray!”

It is always a temptation
To vent your great frustration
When you feel you have been horribly betrayed
So the people started tweeting
Or on Facebook it was wreaking
Massive havoc as in one voice they proclaimed

“So you decided to go and pay the Gay Geld,
Just To sell some extra chicken in one place
And for a single new Restaurant location
We thousand thousand folks will go away

It is always a temptation
To give some clarification
When the news reports aren’t right in what they say
But words too diplomatic
Can turn all parties frantic
And double all your trouble right away

Till everyone cries “did you pay the Dane Geld
Or did you not? don’t play these silly games
Just tell us strait did you pay that dane-geld
‘for we all think that we are being played

So if temptation comes a wisperin’,
take the lesson Fil-A missin’
No deal, no talk just don’t negotiate
When the left it comes a callin’
threatening protest at the mails in
Your Business will find it better just to say: —

“We’ll neither pay a Dane-Geld nor a Gay-geld,
No matter how trifling the cost;
‘Cause the price is our oppression
or confusion never endin’
So you and yours can simply just get lost”

This is Largely as I predicted except the Silly Party won. I think this was due to the number of votes cast.

Michael Palin Monty Python’s Flying Circus 1970

Today on PJ Media Roger Kimball has a post answering those who are convinced that Mitt Romney might as well send themselves home because Barack Obama The One™ has this race in a walk and it’s all over but the shouting. He reminds them of two words: “President Dukakis”

I ran into an old Yale friend the other night who told me about a party he attended among what he called the bien pensant elite of New Haven. The conversation drifted to the election, and that febrile sense of grateful certainty asserted itself into the proceedings. My friend quietly demurred, breaking the mood of self-congratulation. Could it be that he had a different opinion? He didn’t really think, did he, that anything other than an overwhelming victory for Obama was possible? He simply smiled and suggested that they ask President Dukakis what he thought. I think the party dispersed soon thereafter.

“President Dukakis.” Remember him? He had it “in the bag,” too. He was a shoo in, a cert, the hands-down favorite, even the Republicans acknowledged it — right up until the moment he lost.

I read this piece after the show and it struck me. I remember 1998 1988, I was much younger, less experienced and still a Democrat working at Raytheon while running a small business at the same time (I left to run my business full time around July of that year) I remember being 25 and full of myself and was talking to a Union Steward about the impending Dukakis victory. He was a man in his forties and of some experience to me and he explained to me concisely why I was totally wrong going over Dukakis’ record and how people would react to various things. Although I really respected the fellow and would listen to him talk about all kinds of subjects I dismissed him at the time thinking the I was MUCH more familiar with history and the news. I had read all I could on the election and was sure he was wrong.

When George Bush won I was dumbfounded, how could all I read and all that I saw be so wrong?

The answer never occurred to me until today.

On DaTechGuy on DaRadio with Tom White of VARIGHT.com I made the point that no matter what the media is saying the new media, talk radio, facebook and the internet were getting the word out to people. For example The internet provided the data that I used to make the post on Polling.

The MSM has ignored the analysis but the new media has not, thanks to the net, blogs and Rush Limbaugh that argument of mine has been viewed by over 33,000 people in under a week.

Now think of 1998 1988 for a moment: In 1998 1988 there was no internet, there was no Drudge. No Fox News and Rush Limbaugh would only become national in August of that year and not the force of nature he is today.

Picture for a second if there were people attending rallies, writing articles, analyzing polls, recording what is actually being said and putting that information out to the entire world. If that was taking place in 1988 do you think for one moment the mask on the actual state of the Dukakis campaign would not have been torn off long before election day?

This is the state that we are in now. The left is playing the same function as they did that year, trying their best to create the illusion of a winning campaign for Obama when none exists, but today while the MSM attempts to hide the unpleasant realities from liberal, an Army of Davids behind keyboards & cameras are spreading the word (That would be a great title for a book).

24 years ago Roger Kimball would have sat confident but alone, today tens of thousands will read his words and march forward.

Be afraid leftists, be very afraid.

Update: For some reason typed 1998 when I meant 1988 several times, fixed thanks to Pretzel_logic for the catch

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