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You might recall that at the end of my interview with Fr. Peter West we were heading in to do a Rosary.

Here is the full Rosary of the Luminous Mysteries for you to pray along with one decade at a time via Youtube

Opening Prayers & The Baptism of Christ

The Miracle of Cana

The Proclamation of the Kingdom of Heaven

The Transfiguration

The Institution of the Eucharist & Closing Prayers (Had to change cards at the start)

My personal intention is the health of my co-Host John, but I also offer this Rosary for the intentions of all the readers of come to this post.

Two years ago at my very first CPAC in Washington DC after interviewing a bunch of Republicans (which one might expect to meet at CPAC) I walked down to the McDonalds at the bottom of the hill for a cheap lunch and noted some transit workers. I decided to interview them and asked one “Why are you a Democrat” they turned it around and asked me why I was a Republican and I answered thus:

“What made me be a Republican was because of, well Catholicism. I’m anti-abortion, and when it came to abortion & gay marriage in my state of Massachusetts it came to be that if I agreed with my church, I’m a Catholic and I’m very Catholic and I’ve been all my life, that people were calling me a racist and a bigot for believing my beliefs and that, that was the final straw for me. ‘Cause I had been a democrat all my life and my mother the same way and I felt I wasn’t welcome.”

Well it took a few years but via Stacy McCain, it looks like some Christians in the Black Community have finally caught up with me.

My friends the Democrat party and their progressive coalition have become anti God, anti Bible, anti church anti family, anti marriage, and anti-life. They have turned their backs on Christians, it’s time for us to turn our backs on them.

By the standards of the Democrat party just about every president, every member of congress, and every governor who served in the 20th century and before is a racist, bigot homophobe.

I really think the party made this shift this year by design. If there was a white candidate at the top of the ticket it would not be all that hard for Black Pastors to rebel but with Barack Obama Black Americans on the spot between their loyalty to the first black president and their God.

This is what the democrat party has come to, If you had told me this would be the case in the 70’s or early 80’s I would have laughed at you.