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It’s a basic thing that all the ads, all the media and all the spin can’t change, it’s real life

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I shot a lot of photos and videos from Yesterday’s Brown Warren debate the full catalog is below but here are a few worth some comment:

First some stills (augmented by video when appropriate)

A Union Truck

There was a HUGE union presence here for Former Obama Administration Official Elizabeth Warren, it made a big difference in the cheer level in the auditorium.

When they say “Organized” labor they aren’t kidding and in a campaign that really helps.

View from the stage 6:57 PM

Just before the debate Still photos were allowed from around the stage, In addition to the shots of the candidates and the students on stage I shot this one of the attendees, contrast that to the same shot 3 hours earlier

Frankly if you wanted to get a real idea of the crowd size you should have seen the concession lines.

They were HUGE.

Enter Barney Frank:

Rep Barney Frank as you might expect, attended the debate, I briefly spoke to him on not having to campaign this year. You could see he was visibly more relaxed. Any person who has run a congressional campaign can relate and understand this, even “easy” races require more effort than you think

At the same time you have attendees like this father and son

Do not be surprised to see a kid like this going in the VIP entrance in 50 years as a sitting congressman


I was not the only representative of WCRN in the building Howie Carr’s show is simulcast on WCRN where our 50,000 watt signal augments his own at WRKO. He also gave out some interesting T-Shirts:

but most important of all he took time for a quick interview during a break in the show:


You didn’t think I was going to ignore the Fedora shots did you? At the stage

In the Press Room

And a better Fedora than mine.

The videos next after the jump

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Thanks to some upload problems with some of my videos from the Ma-3 debate between Jon Golnik and Rep Nikki Tsongas I ended up missing most of Morning Joe, and due to some arrangements for my 100th Show event (You’re invited ticket at the bottom of this post BTW) I missed most of Morning Joe yesterday and with the big debate in Lowell between Scott Brown I only had time to note in passing the oddities of the latest Washington Post poll as an update to an already written piece:

If you are going to make a declaration in your poll you need to provide at least the cross tabs to be checked, like the Boston Globe poll.

Apparently while I was busy shooting photos, interviewing folks at the debate and etc a huge national debate over that Washington Post poll took place

Chuck Todd was ridiculing people who believe there is a media conspiracy. Meanwhile, his own network has dragged its feet on coverage of the administration’s disastrous handling of Libya and, well, he works for MSNBC.

That doesn’t bother me all that much in once sense, after all if media of national standing (or whatever standing MSNBC has) are answering you, that says where the debate is, but then this morning as I went through the posts I needed to do, I saw this bit revelation via Red State from the Post:

Out of 929 registered voters in the new poll, 161 live in one of these eight states, with a margin of sampling error of eight points.

Erick Erickson does the basic math

In short, the Washington Post conducted a national poll and discovered that 161 of those surveyed lived in swing states. Charitably — and Cohen does not break it down — that would work out to 20 voters polled in each of 8 swing states. TWENTY!!!

So there’s an 11 point gap among 161 people with a margin of error of around 8%. But the Washington Post reported this as a fact

So let me get this straight, the media that has called bloggers members of the Cheetos Brigade as Joe Scarborough did, the media that says we are in a “parallel universe“, the same media that called us conspiracy theorists when we dared point out the mathematics problems with the polls, some even admitted by pollsters. The same media that pooh poohed the nine year stats of voter registration , the media that has maximum access to the voters and large corporations to back them up.

This same media is using their national microphone to report as fact an 11 point lead for Barack Obama in swing states based on a twenty voters per state?

Pardon my language but ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME?

Yes I’m a blogger, yes I don’t have a degree in journalism, writing or even English (BS Computer Science Minor American History) Yes I’m actually typing this in my bed wearing my underwear as per the stereotype because that’s when I scan the news in the morning and do my writing before I get myself ready to go out and do everything else.

But I damn well know you can’t judge a lead in swing states based on a sample so small per state that it couldn’t fill the 5th street diner.

Erickson again

Perhaps instead of being insulting, he, a former staffer for Tom Harkin’s Presidential campaign and whose wife was or is a Democratic operative, should acknowledge conservative distrust of the media and try to explain how the polls are shaped, skewed, weighted or not, and the general methodology.

It is my nature to believe the best of people but if anyone ANYONE actually believes that this media is not collectively trying to give this race to Barack Obama they are suckers.

And with all due respect to the opinion of Gov Christie I think it is vital to call these guys out on it, not because of a single election but because it is damaging to our democracy and to the first amendment to ignore this.

I’m a Republican, I’m with Mitt Romney, but when, in my opinion I thought Mitt was the weakest of the GOP candidates I called him out on it, and took flack for it from my side.

I’m with Scott Brown, but when I saw the WBUR poll that gave Elizabeth Warren a lead correctly reflected state voter registration I complemented them on it and took flack for it from my side.

I’m with Jon Golnik but when I said he did not win the debate Sunday against Nikki Tsongas I took flack for it from my side.

I could have ignored these things and wrote on something else but I said them anyway because I live in realville and THESE THINGS ARE TRUE!

My name is on this blog, I owe it to my name to say what I see and think is accurate.

I live off of the tip jar hits and subscriptions people make here and off the ads people buy, I owe it to those people to give them not just a quality product but a product as accurate as I can based on my observations and reporting.

I am a partisan and want my side to win, I owe them a fair critique so if they know how to fix problems they might have so they can win.

If you are a member of the MSM and you have a byline I don’t mind if you have a bias, I don’t even have a problem if you want Obama to win, but I do mind if you for the sake of that bias and that desire to re-elect Obama, report without question bad data or skewed data and then go after those who call you on it.

That is simply disgraceful, dishonest and dishonorable and you should be ashamed of yourselves for prostituting yourself in this way.

Until you change your ways, don’t you dare DARE treat me and my friends in a condescending way.

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UPDATE: The worst poll EVAH! These guys are trying their best do hide it but I’m sorry if you poll a sample with a +17.2 point advantage of people who voted Obama in 2008, a result that gets you a +15 Obama lead in 2012 is not a surprise it’s almost a foregone conclusion. Note the same poll in Aug that showed Obama up +3 had a +7.3 Obama 2008 vs McCain 2008 voter split