I would normally ignore the new attempt of the 60’s “Catholic” crowd to con the church into re-defining sin to accommodate their proclivities, particularly after Mark Shea delivered the perfect one line takedown:

Some people have lived 44 years since 1968. Some people have lived 1968 44 times.

and a follow up by Tom McDonald longer but just as good:

Their complaints are the usual litany of tediousness: less pope, more sex. That’s really it. That’s what it all boils down to: children who don’t like being told what to do with their gentiles by an adult. It’s not like they’re in a screaming hurry to rewrite our understanding of the dual nature of Christ in the incarnation, or dismantle the preferential option for the poor. They’re only attacking this make-believe boogeyman (“authority”) because it’s in the way of gettin’ biddy.

Their prescription is lots and lots of voting: voting on everything from bishops to condoms. Democracy may be a fine fit for running the occasional town meeting and deciding who gets eaten first when the rations run out on the lifeboat, but apply democracy to eternal truths, and you’ll have those Ten Commandments whittled down to three in no time at all. And that’s what they’re suggesting: putting the faith up to a vote. First order of business is to amend “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife” to add “unless she’s totally HAWT!” Can I see a show of hands? Sorry, Mr. Kennedy, you may only vote once.

But what really struck me was a particular joke he led with:

Their motto for the past 40 years? “Too lazy to convert to Protestantism.”

But the more I thought about it the more the question came up, Why HAVEN’T they in all these year converted if they thought the church was wrong? Sure some are drawing church pay but surely some like Hans Kung could find an excellent financial reward as a former Catholic, and others would be lionized by press and by various churches for abandoning the faith.

That’s when it hit me. The problem isn’t because they don’t believe in the church, it’s because they still do.

One of the important aspects of confession is contrition, even if you are trapped in a cycle of repetitive sin, like say gambling or porn at the time of confession if you actually regret your sin and attempt to amend your ways you are forgiven. You may relapse, you may sin again but if you are actually trying, actually resisting and actually trying to amend your ways that makes all the difference.

But what if you aren’t sorry for your sins? What if isn’t a question of being trapped in a cycle of sin, but enjoying, celebrating and loving your sins and don’t want to give them up? What if you go into that confessional knowing you aren’t sorry for your sins and can’t wait to commit them again?

Can this be done? Well there is in fact a way:

And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Matt 16:15-19 Matthew 16:18-19

Note how Christ phrases this, not might be bound, or could be bound but shall be bound.

That leave them an opening, if they can somehow, by some quirk of fate, by some miraculous shift by the Church and the Holy Father their sins can vanish, not by repentance of sin or abstinence of sin, but redefining what sin actually is suddenly all the things they celebrate become pure as the driven snow, something to be enjoyed again and again without the slightest fear of eternity.

The logical question would be: Why bother with such an impossible task? Why not simply choose a Protestant denomination that embraces those particular sins or even one that simply preaches “Once Saved Always Saved”. That would solve the problem wouldn’t it.

Well it would except for one thing. They understand the truth of the Church..

Moral sin, the recipe for damnation, requires three things: 1. Grave Matter, 2. Deliberation 3. Understanding. If one doesn’t know the church due to never being properly taught (either from the inside or outside) that third vital piece needed to achieve mortal sin can’t be achieved.

But these people know the church, they have understanding and worse of all they KNOW the consequences of said understanding. To deliberately leave while believing the church is true is simply self damnation.

So instead they stay, hoping upon hope that best case, they will get the church to see things their way, or barring that hope they will get a chance for absolution just before the moment of death, playing the 3 in their hand hoping upon hope that the church is holding a deuce.

Me I wouldn’t bet my soul on it.

They say deceit is the tribute dishonesty gives to the truth, ironically in their feeble attempt at self-justification our friends at Church Authority are doing they same their insistence on remaining Catholic declares to all the world that this is the place for salvation.

God certainly does work in mysterious ways.

Saturday I did my show live from the American Product’s store (photos etc when the audio is available) but after the show I went across the street to Eller’s Restaurant

I saw two things I’ve never seen on a Breakfast Menu Pork Chop and eggs:

with Fried Home Fries

Joe of Out with Joe was with me he had the Eggplant Omelet another dish we’d never seen before

Pretty Plates are nice but how does it taste…

This is a restaurant you want to go to, PERIOD.

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To those democrats and Independents whose minds are open to argument, listen closely to the Democratic party that will gather in Charlotte, ask yourself if you hear your voice in the clamor, ask if these Democrats still speak for you?

Artur Davis Aug 28th 2012

Several months ago I was on a conference call with the now official GOP nominee for ma-4 Sean Bielat during which his operative Sarah Rumpf actually referred us to Joe Kennedy III’s web site to see how devoid it was of idea.

It was an extraordinary moment I had never heard of a representative of a candidate directing voters to their opponent site and I asked her about it. She said she had never made such a recommendation before but Kennedy’s website demonstrated his lack of ideas so well.

During the GOP convention that the MSM declared a failure Artur Davis Former Congressman from Alabama and Former member of the Democrat Party during a speech Rob Eno of Red Mass Group said “Should have been the Keynote” implored Americans to Watch the Democrat Convention and see if that is the party they think it is.

Lucky for the Democrat party most American’s didn’t take him up on it so they received a filtered and spun version of reality where the booing of God and Jerusalem was a non issue and Bill Clinton’s speech was not outdrawn by the opening of the Football season.

Now that the first debate is behind us and the protective screen that the media has surrounded the Obama campaign has been pierced NOW is the time to replay on the air some of those highlights that the media decided was not newsworthy at the time.

I think some of those videos might be a revelation to those who still think this is John F. Kennedy’s Democrat party. It certainly will be a revelation to those getting those calls claiming Barack Obama is not pro abortion.

called a sp

Twenty days ago I took a look at a poll from WBUR on the Brown Warren race.It showed Warren up 5 pts but was the first poll I’d seen anywhere that matched registration exactly

A Boston Herald poll showing Brown up +6 came out at the same time. I did a post comparing internals of the polls and found the WBUR poll credible and the Herald poll not.

I’d like to Believe the Herald poll, I really would and I’m aware of a shift of people away from the Democrat party to the ranks of the Unenrolled but without solid data to back it up I have to believe the WBUR poll over the Herald one

When the next WBUR poll Oct 1st matched demographics again I complemented them on twitter.

it got some push back for a friend of mine.

My thought has always been I want accurate polls because otherwise you can’t fix what is wrong with your campaign.

Well the latest WBUR poll is out and for the third time in a row their demographics match registration EXACTLY, it’s quite an achievement these days

This time however the results are totally different:

It appears that Scott Brown last debate combined with different Tactics have shifted this race dramatically, much better than ignoring the results or dismissing them.

And to those who would pooh pooh my pushing of this poll, I didn’t hear you complaining when it showed Warren up.

Be afraid leftists, be very afraid.