Media Credibility Day oh THAT Electoral Map

Remember when the map was solidly against Mitt Romney, when I even heard some people suggest he could win the popular vote but lose because the map was too daunting: Well Guess what Time is publishing:

Halperin writes:

Here’s why some Democrats are worried tonight. If Romney wins the three Southern battlegrounds (FL, NC, and VA) and OH, he is at 266 electoral votes. Leaving the other five battlegrounds unallocated, that means Obama would be at 237 and Romney would only need to win one of the remaining five states to get to 270+. See the map above.

One senior Democratic official expressed real concern tonight unlike I have heard before about Ohio potentially slipping away from Obama (the state has been trending Republican in statewide races,

It’s even worse, if this map is correct not only does Mitt only have to take one of these states (and he WILL take NH) but he could take Wisconsin, Colorado and the Granite State, Lose Ohio and Still hit 270.

That this map is coming out BEFORE the 2nd debate is bad for the left, that it was discussed on MSNBC makes it even worse.

I submit and suggest the faces are long because they know their ability to change the path where this election is blowing in the wind. As for what it means to the right…well you know.