Some debate comments

Bottom line. Nothing in #debate changed the dynamics of the race, get used to saying "President Romney" folks, this race is DONE DONE DONE #tcot #p2— Peter Ingemi (@DaTechGuyblog) October 23, 2012 10:30 Not a single vote has changed tonight, this race is over better get used to saying President Romney folks. 10:23 Whenever this … Continue reading Some debate comments

Realville: The 72% Delusion

I've already talked about the nonsense concerning equal pay laws pointing to the 1970's Batman PSA to remind us all that equal pay for Equal work has been the law of the land for almost two generations. But let's pretend for the sake of argument that Yes there has been a grand conspiracy afoot and … Continue reading Realville: The 72% Delusion

Liz Foley has it backwards on Obama Fundraising Screening

We've talked in the past about the Obama's campaign's fundraising and the trouble at the DNC is having concerning it. At Instapundit Elizabeth Price Foley says the following: Several reports over the weekend show that the Obama campaign is doing a horrible job at screening out/preventing illegal foreign donations. Elizabeth you are totally missing the … Continue reading Liz Foley has it backwards on Obama Fundraising Screening