Roadtrip 7:08 PM Kingston NY

There are few things more frustrating that being lost 1.1 miles from your destination but here I sit in Kingston NY at a McDonalds Ray Kroc Memorial Media Center having a terrible time finding the Chris Gibson office just a mile away. The day started strong with an interview with Ann Marie Buerkle's Campaign Manager … Continue reading Roadtrip 7:08 PM Kingston NY

Subscriber Commentary Tease: Ladyparts

Today's commentary is about the whole "Ladyparts" debate: I've been surprised to see so much of the Lady parts argument during my roadtrip. The full commentary available only with the password is here, to view it simply hit DaTipJar and I'll send you the code as soon as I see the confirmation e-mail. If you … Continue reading Subscriber Commentary Tease: Ladyparts

Is Scott Brown the Scott Brown of 2010?

I have complemented the WBUR poll in the past, looking at the latest version I see no reason to question it today. If the race with the same demographics has shifted then there is a reason and I believe I know the reason for it. As her economic message has failed Elizabeth Warren has gone … Continue reading Is Scott Brown the Scott Brown of 2010?

DaTechGuy on DaRadio Friday Special 1 PM EST

While I'm on the road don't miss the DaTechGuy Friday Special 1 p.m. to 2 p.m .EST on WCRN AM 830 Don't forget if you are somehow outside our 50,000 Watt Range you have a lot of streaming options. You can listen live using the three different links for the WCRN live stream If you … Continue reading DaTechGuy on DaRadio Friday Special 1 PM EST

RoadTrip 6:39 AM Jamesville NY

I'm sitting at the Lonely Conservative's Kitchen Table as her son gets ready for school holding a union mailer hitting Ann Marie Buerkle: A lot of Union Pension money has gone down the drain trying to keep Democrats afloat and I don't think high-speed rail is going to be a winner but at least is … Continue reading RoadTrip 6:39 AM Jamesville NY