From Friday to Saturday at St. Joseph Church in Medford:

there was a 24 hour Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

For the defeat of Question 2:

Locally where there is daily adoration there is normally one or two folks (sometimes as high as 3) praying, when I came into the church I found two lists. There were 30 people on the list who had come to pray,

After this interview I found a 2nd sign-in sheet that showed a total of 47 by this time.

When I got back we realized that I hadn’t asked at all about question #2 So Geraldine talked about why she opposed it

We shot two different videos to cover all she wanted to say.

Question two is going to cost Massachusetts a lot, in terms of society and I have some advice if it happens.

I’ve already advised my sons to leave the state when they can to get a future. In a one party state where the government stifles business and innovation there is no future for them here.

But if you are 50 or over if question 2 passes, get your affairs in order and get out of this state over the next few years. I’ll stay and fight, somebody has to, but if this passes, don’t wait because if I lose my fight then by that time a generation will have grown up thinking it is acceptable to dispose of the elderly if it saves a buck. Don’t wait until they decide you are obsolete.

If you want to know why the GOP has done so well lately, it’s because we have candidates like Susannah Whipps Lee.

Anyone who spends 5 minutes with this woman will see she has incredible potential, but more interesting is that she is running a business that employes a ton of people. She could be doing that and living fine, instead she is heading to the state house to serve.

(and yes she will win her election)

If you want to help her across the finish line you can kick in here.

This is how we change Massachusetts, one district at a time.

By Peter and Roxeanne

Breaking news from Norwood, Massachusetts: John Rogers’ campaign manager and parents threatened, intimidated, and sought police action against two women distributing voter guides on a public sidewalk.


Every election cycle, Catholic Citizenship, a non-partisan group of lay Catholics, distributes voter guides.  Yesterday and today, the group  handed out the flyers in front of churches around the Commonwealth. One voter guide had the 12th Norfolk state representative race on one side (incumbent John Rogers against Jim Stanton), with the Elizabeth Warren/Scott Brown positions on the reverse. The state rep voter guide may be found here. The information is culled from the candidates’ responses to questions, statements they have made, and, as applicable, votes cast.  Although John Rogers’ staff and parents have refused to cite any misleading or incorrect information on the guides, they strongly oppose their distribution.

Elaine, a woman in her mid-sixties, and Bridget, a young attorney, stood in the public parking lot outside of St. Catherine of Siena parish in Norwood, Massachusetts, on the corner of Washington St. and Nahatan St., distributing the guides to passer-by.

The Harassment, Intimidation, and Police Calls by Rogers’ staff and parents

Before Bridget arrived, a man by the name of Jimmy Geraghty walked up to Elaine and said, “I’m with Bridget. May I have those?”  Jimmy Geraghty is John Rogers’ campaign manager. (Two years ago, Jimmy Geraghty had harassed Bridget as she distributed the voter guides and stalked her later; he also threatened and spent three months stalking another man who distributed the guides.)  Elaine trustingly turned the voter guides over to him, never to be seen again by her.  (Hello, larceny by trick!)

As Bridget and Elaine stood in the public parking area across from Nahatan Street from the church, Jimmy Geraghty drove up, exited his pickup truck, and the following words were exchanged*:

The ever-so-classy lady who asked Bridget if she got her law license at the dog pound is John Rogers’ mother. The man with her is his father.  Jimmy Geraghty indeed called the police; here is the photo of the police report:

Officer Daniel Leavitt arrived and spoke to Geraghty; Bridget walked up to the squad car and said, “We are handing out voter guides; we are not soliciting for donations.  We are on  public sidewalks, not private nor Church property.  We are well within the bounds of the First Amendment [she handed over her MA bar card], and I’m an attorney; we’re being careful to operate within the bounds of the law, I do not know what we are doing wrong here.”  Officer Leavitt replied that he just got there; he spoke with Geraghty and Elaine, then reported that there was no legal violation, that the women were well within their rights, and departed.

As anyone with an iota of legal knowledge can tell you, standing out on a public sidewalk distributing political information is protected under the First Amendment, and is the core of First Amendment protections.  A little old lady and a young woman should not have the police sicced on them for exercising that right.  Will John Rogers condemn his campaign manager’s actions? his parents’ actions?

Because his parents did indeed try to use the arm of the police to shut down Bridget and Elaine, a mere hour and a half later.

The Harassment Continues

After the next Mass, Elaine, Bridget, and Elaine’s husband, being careful to remain on on public ways, handed out the voter guides.  (Again, .pdf copies, right here.)   When Bridget walked onto the Washington St. sidewalks,Mrs. Rogers pulled aside a different police officer and asked him to force Bridget to stop.  (Meanwhile, Geraghty and Mr. Rogers were harassing Elaine and her husband.)

Because when one police officer tells you that a few women have a First Amendment right to hand out the voter guides, you obviously try to get another officer to get a second opinion, right? That’s not harassment at all.

That wasn’t enough for the ever-so-classy Mrs. Rogers, mother to longtime incumbent John Rogers; she fetched a priest to (erroneously) claim that the church owned and controlled the public sidewalk.  The priest rather viciously tore into Elaine and Bridget and said that he was instructing his parishioners to ignore the voter guide, as it was “full of lies” and “blatantly partisan”.  (Yep, that voter guide that you all just downloaded.)  He also said that the women had dropped off “a huge stack” of the guides inside and that such action, coupled with Mrs. Rogers’ advocacy, prompted to him to issue the warnings to his flock.

(The Department of Public Works is closed today; details about the ownership of the public sidewalk will be made available as discovered.)

A stack of voter guides?  Where have we seen that before?  Yep, Jimmy Geraghty tossed the stolen guides inside the church to smear Elaine and Bridget.

Final Thoughts

There is no reason to harass and taunt two women who are handing out voter guides.  That is beyond the pale; it is particularly disgusting, and potentially criminal, to not once, but TWICE attempt to get the women arrested for exercising their First Amendment rights.

No politician can be responsible for the actions of his supporters, but these people are John Rogers’ own parents and his hand-picked campaign manager.  Will Rogers denounce the intimidation and unlawful actions of his near and dear, or will he allow the harassment in the name of holding onto his seat?  Will Rogers refuse to hire Geraghty again to run his campaign?

*Bridget mis-stated the name of the man who had been threatened and stalked last year.  His last name is Smith and he witnessed some of the events of today.

Update: (DaTechGuy) Fixed the width of the video for Roxeanne, I am also sending an e-mail to the parish to confirm and inquire about the priest’s conduct in this matter.

Update 2: Correction this post was by RoxeAnne I was not there but am following up.

Update 3: Peter is contacting the Archdiocese.  For the record, no individual in this scenario has a problem with the Catholic Church emphasizing that the voter guides are not produced, endorsed, or affiliated with it; however, there’s a very clear line between that and doing what the priest did, which is to say that the voter guides are blatantly partisan and that the parishioners have a duty to disregard them.  It also exceeds (in my humble opinion) priestly authority to tell a young woman to stop distributing the guides on public sidewalks.

Update 4: (DTG) Talked to the Monsignor briefly (he called me just before the Scott Brown event) he says the guides were in the church and because they had the names of candidates they are not allowed, he also stated he was unaware of the specific group and as there are several pseudo-catholic groups out there could not verify they were legit. (Given some of the pseudo Catholic groups out there not an unreasonable concern)

I’m not in the habit of doubting a Monsignor of the church, but I obviously know & trust Roxeanne so I presume she stands by her story. I also trust my readers so feel free to make up your own mind. If I get any of the written questions answered or more info I’ll let you know.

“To the angel of the church in Laodicea, write this: ” ‘The Amen, the faithful and true witness, the source of God’s creation, says this: “I know your works; I know that you are neither cold nor hot.  I wish you were either cold or hot. So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. For you say, ‘I am rich and affluent and have no need of anything,’ and yet do not realize that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked. I advise you to buy from me gold refined by fire so that you may be rich, and white garments to put on so that your shameful nakedness may not be exposed, and buy ointment to smear on your eyes so that you may see. Those whom I love, I reprove and chastise. Be earnest, therefore, and repent.

Revelation 3:14-19

Today I went to the 8 a.m. Mass so I could watch the Sunday shows, it was a pretty good sermon on Love of God and Neighbor but when I was leaving church and saw the Church Bulletin I found myself upset at the second page

You’ll note that the Boxed event at my parish St. Anthony di Padua is our Country Christmas Fair on November 17th, but we also have announcements from three other Catholic Parishes.

St. Cecilia is having a “Holiday” fair

Immaculate Heart of Mary is their “Annual fall festival”

St. Joseph is having their “Holiday Festival & Craft fair”

Holiday? What holiday? Flag Day? Chinese New Year? Yom Kippur?

I’m very proud that my parish did not join in this nonsense.

These are Catholic Churches for God’s sake, this is the same thing that drove me nuts about Anna Maria College and their “Holiday” concert. Either we are Catholic or we are not. If our own Catholics are not willing to say the word “Christmas” during their own events. If we are not respecting Christmas then why should we expect anyone else to?

Either your faith means something or it does not.