Had a long wait trying to get my credentials apparently instead of being at the Convention center they were at Romney HQ rather than here so I had a bit of a wait before actually getting in.

Once I got in I’ve found it fairly boring, My PC was near dead from traveling and the hone needed charging so I parked myself in a corner and started waiting.

If there is one thing I’ve discovered it’s that:

There is a difference between “projections” and “results”

and there is nothing so fickle as the folks at an event like this.

Lots of mood swings, particularly when Obama was projected to get Pennsylvania (hey last shot to steal before the voter ID law and Michigan wasn’t a big thought but the New Hampshire numbers have surprised me, an awful lot of change in just two years, but then again a lot of people have been running away from Massachusetts. Considering the results from the state so far can’t blame them.

But people here are too busy reacting to early calls, the only thing we can simply do is to wait and let the results come in and see what the actual numbers are, there is no percentage in worry or speculation.

So I will sit and wait which when it comes down it is all that can be done now.

And before we all panic over projections let me note something.

About an hour ago they were calling question 2 as a winner with 7% of the vote in

As of right now it’s trailing 51-49 with 34% of the vote in.

Like in baseball, you actually have to play the game, so don’t get panicked or angry…

…unless someone charges you $4.75 or a can of diet pepsi

Scott Brown giving concession speech, Massachusetts voters getting what we deserve, I think Brown was better than Warren but perhaps the GOP should have spent some time selling conservatism rather than running from it.

Update 2: Stacy McCain has given up the ghost, I’m still waiting to see the hard numbers out of Wisconsin and I’m even more interested in where the vote is.

Update 3: It’s amazing what happens when you don’t have a 16-1 cash advantage over your opponent in Ohio to boost your chances.

Update 4: Apparently things have to get much worse before they get better, lucky for the US the “much worse” part is practically assured now

Today’s commentary is about the gives that will tell you where this election is going to end up

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Meanwhile if you haven’t done so already GO VOTE!

Because of my late night last night I didn’t get to the polls until 11:30

The lines were VERY long and had been all day.

According to the numbers my particular ward is seeing nearly triple the normal votes, I suspect this is due to the Brown Warren Race

Half this number due to two page ballot

Here is my live report

As always Annie DiMartino was outside the polls for the Democrats and as always she had something to say

I wish she was one of ours and she told me off camera (but on the record) if Rick Santorum had been the GOP nominee she would have crossed over and voted for him.

Three GOP wins in the congress? Which seats? She wouldn’t say

I also ran into Patti Buckley running for Register of deeds in her first ever race

And interviewed her

But the HUGE news of the day was this table

and this sign

This tells me the inactive voter rules, what I call the Massachusetts Voter ID law is being enforced, at least in Fitchburg. The dual table system is an excellent idea because it doesn’t hold up lines and allows people who have to produce ID’s etc to do so without any kind of embarrassment but if this law is being enforced all over the state this could be an epic change in Massachusetts from here on in. I’ll be checking on this as the day goes on.

Update: Talked to Rosemary Reynolds whose daughter is opposing Patti Buckley

At her voting area there were further tables for “inactive voters” I found such a thing at every location I went to, I checked at City Hall and they had been taking a continual round of calls trying to sort out people who had not sent in their city census, I’ll be checking other cities to see how this is being done.

Meanwhile in Ward 3 I saw something I have never seen before a CNN /ABC etc etc exit poll person:

I have never seen an exit pollster locally.

Oddest election day sight is this one:

What’s life without whimsy?
My plan next is to start hitting outlying towns on the way to Boston and the Romney event.

Update: Leominster reports long lines all day

The GOP office in Leominster

running at full steam calling up a storm for Justin Brooks & Scott Brown

Shirley: The lines for voting stretch out into the street

Ayer: Down the Aisle, the stairs and the corridor just to get in

I don’t know if anyone is staying home at all.

I’m going to be very busy today so before I go off and vote and check various races here are the videos / photos from the Scott Brown & Mitt Romney events that I didn’t get up last night.

Interviews (Voters always come first, they are the most important)

Mitt Volunteer from last night Mystery author Richard Hatin

Sitting right behind me were two voters who came only for Kid Rock

(he and his wife left as soon as Mitt was introduced by Kid Rock):

Bruce the Obama guy’s seat after Mitt was announced by Kid Rock

There was also Dan who came from VT to volunteer

And Craig when it was all over

Next a little Kid Rock

And a few shots

Party time!

Funny picture of the night

The reason that sign is in front of the other woman’s face is the first picture I took was them together but the lady behind the sign was a Verizon Arena worker on duty she asked not to be in the picture so I reshot

Picture most indicative of the race as a whole was from the morning

This is Rosemary Reynolds, City Counselor in Fitchburg for a long time and solid democrat until recently when as a faithful catholic she simply couldn’t stomach it anymore. She like my mother actually changed her registration but a lot of people like her are still registered as D but voting R.

And then there is this reception for Mitt:

It’s important to note there were two distinct sides one to be close to Mitt & one to be close to Kid Rock. Mitt’s side was more full by a factor of 3

(going to post and then update with the rest of the videos and photos in a sec…)

Update, now the pols…

Congressman Frank Guinta:

I didn’t get Charlie Bass’ speech but I got this shot

Ovide Lamontagne candidate Governor:

Sen Kelly Ayotte:

and the crowd before Kid Rock

Uploading the photos next