This weeks’ Subscription Commentary involves hiring standards and what a person does to get a job.

Strangely enough it seems we don’t use these standards when selecting a president, funny that.

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This weeks show where we talk election 2012 with our listeners is now available here

You’ll want to pay attention particularly to the Obama defenders. I asked them for positive reasons to vote for him, I heard Abortion, but when I asked about the economy it was all: “It’s not his fault”

That in itself in an interesting argument and we’ll be discussing this later on today.

Today on Morning Joe the magic word is “mandate”

The people around the table are insisting that the president has a mandate for tax increases. Strangely enough the MSM didn’t have that opinion after a different president had a larger margin of victory:

Begin with the facts: A 51-48 percent victory is not a mandate

That EJ Dionne in 2004 as opposed to Dionne in 2012

Obama will have the strongest argument a politician can offer. Repeatedly, he asked the voters to settle Washington’s squabbles in his favor. On Tuesday, they did. And so a president who took office four years ago on a wave of emotion may now have behind him something more valuable and durable: a majority that thought hard about his stewardship and decided to let him finish the job he had begun.

Now what people are forgetting is that there was not one election on Nov 6th, there were 470 elections on the federal level and the result of that election was a GOP majority in the house but this apparently doesn’t count as a mandate.

And apparently some on the left seem to have forgotten just how this works:

Apparently now we elect the house based on the national popular vote, and if challenged on that fact the left has an interesting reaction. :

So we are talking “Moral” mandates? I wonder who just decides what laws are “moral” and which are not, does that now mean we can safely ignore the mandate of Obamacare? Gun laws? Tax laws?

The bottom line is our friends on the left can speak about mandates till they are blue in the face. The fact is that the GOP hold the house now, and after Jan 3rd will still hold the house, all spending bills must come from the house. What is required now is nerve.

If the house keeps it’s nerve they will be able to make the best possible deal for the both the party and the American People. And if you must have tax increases, some good suggestions are out there.