Yesterday I headed off for Twinkie Quest to see if I could find the Twinkies

Yesterday I went to the Hostess Thrift shop in search of Twinkies unfortunately the shelves were already bare by the time I arrived:

And the bread shelves are were bare too:

Next stop was Shaw’s in Leominster

There was a a box of Chocolate Twinkies but those are not the traditional ones we are looking for, additionally it was ironic that there were not only Drakes Cakes but some were on sale, after all Drakes are made by Hostess and they will suffer the same fate as the Twinkie.

The next stop was Market Basket in Fitchburg:

While I was there people came looking for Twinkies and went away disappointed. However there was one place where Twinkies were to be found.

There was a variety store near my house and while there was not a Box of Twinkies available, single packages were there for the taking. So when I got home there sweets were ready for the table:

The next morning when the word got out to those not on the net the lines at the Thrift store were incredible:

And the parking lot remained full.

But in the end the quest for the Twinkie was to be unfulfilled. How unfulfilled? When I got to the studio and set up a display of the soon to be gone items including a single Twinkie from a box my wife scrounged.

People were actually looking into the window and staring.

The Bakers union can be proud, they gave the American people a lesson that 4 years under Obama failed to do. They taught the public about supply and demand.

Today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio we talk Twinkies and with Film Director Ladd Ehlinger about how cultural issues play in the political world.

Until we fight on the cultural playground we are going to have a hard time steering the conversation, particularly among the low information voters that gave Obama their win.

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