After this weeks’ show I headed over to Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester where a Doctor Who event was taking place:

Annie’s was talking Dr. Who big time: Chicks Unravel Time: Women Journey Through Every Season of Doctor Who and Chicks Dig Time Lords A Celebration of Doctor Who by the Women Who Love It with contributors K Tempest Bradford, and Jennifer Pelland.

They sat for an interview:

My batteries died and as I changed them cover artist Katy Shuttleworth who joined the conversation who chimed in.

I’m hoping to get both of them on my show in the near future, but as we continued their fans came in

and sat down

of course you can’t have such an event without a Doctor Who scarf.

Of course the books are available at Amazon but for my money I’d contact Annie’s Book Stop in Worcester and get em there.

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I used my first computer when Jimmy Carter was president.

They were the very first computers to come into my high school the school two Apple IIc’s. As there was not any kind of “official” computer class people who wanted to learn computers had to show up for an extra class before school.

My desire had been to teach history but the combination of these interesting machines, my love of math and prop 2 1/2 and all the teachers getting pink slips steered me toward computers until 2008 when shortly after the president’s election the company I worked for folded and I started on the path that led me here.

I tell you this not because I have any love for you guys at Anonymous beyond that is required by my Catholic faith but I tell that story to establish that I’m a computer guy and a geek (as my coming Dr. Who post will demonstrate) so as one geek to another this advice comes from the heart and echos the thought of my friend Robert Stacy McCain:

Are you Friggen NUTS? Making an enemy of the Mossad? The MOSSAD!?!?

Stacy McCain’s warnings about Federal prison are well taken, even in the Obama years

Are these people insane? The United States government considers Hamas a terrorist organization. Not only is any U.S. resident participating in these criminal intrusions individually liable for those federal crimes, but Anonymous as an organization now must be considered a national security threat, giving aid to terrorists against a U.S. ally.

But his warnings about the Mossad are even more valid:

Read the rest. Excuse the blunt language, but if these Anonymous hackers think they can side with Hamas against Israel without consequence, they’ve got another think coming. Dude, if the FBI gets you, that’s one thing. If the Mossad ever gets you? Hey, accidents happen:

These are the guys who were blowing up Iranian scientists for years, These are the guys who successfully introduced a computer virus into the closed system of the Iranian nuclear program, these are the guys who took out Syria’s nuke stuff, and Iraq’s nuke stuff when the rest of the world didn’t know it was there.

These are the guys who have been successfully dealing with tens of millions of fanatics on all sides who want to kill them all their lives and you think for one moment they are afraid of YOU?

Think of it this way: One of the problems with dealing with Radical Islam is you have to cope with 14th century backward fanatics who will remember their enemies over generations to kill them.

Imagine that same dedication to kill you by 21st century men backed by a county that produces more Nobel prize winners than anyone else per capita and at the cutting edge of technological advancement.

You are setting yourselves up as the bad guys in the third movie in the Taken series fighting an entire nation of real life Bryan Mills’.

Or as fellow geeks, to put it in a way you can without a doubt understand, right now this is where you are:

Stacy McCain is playing the part of the Doctor and you are the Atraxi, and he is giving the best advice you will ever get in your entire lives.

Basically RUN! And hope they decide to let it pass, because if you don’t here is what the Mossad will do to you…

Your choice, good luck.

Update Moe lane:

one problem with being hidden in the shadows is that nobody notices when you disappear.

But you can’t skip the “Basically” for two reasons:

#1 One of the things we need to do is to play in the pop culture world in our arguments (that’s why I constantly quote movies and TV shows in posts) This is a function of it.

#2 The very fact “Basically” allows me to use a Doctor Who clip is reason enough to use it.