Today’s subscriber video talks about Israel Gaza and truth with a side order of Ronald Reagan as the intro:

Amazing the power of saying the truth.

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Thanksgiving day today.

Had a nice mass and a breakfast at the K of C and later today the subscription videos will be up.

In addition to the family and the coming 2nd Anniversary of the show this weekend I give thanks to you the readers.

Financially this is the leanest of my lifetime and events over the next few months will determine if next year is better or worse but the over 600,000 visits this year without gimmicks like auto-reloads.

If I have a reason to celebrate a more prosperous Thanksgiving next year, it will be because of you and if I don’t I’ll still have had the pleasure of your company for the time we’ve had together.

And as for shopping I’ll be using the Amazon points I’ve accumulated this year in lieu of cash. I’ll likely start ordering off Christmas lists today to have a jump on shipping.

I guarantee I won’t be in line like this:

Black Friday came one day early at Kmart this morning with long pre-dawn lines at stores throughout the country:

Every year hundreds of people wait in line with the vast majority of them not getting one of the few TVs or tablets available in each store. You would think years of experience would make people know better.

To all of you, a Happy Thanksgiving and many more.