You don’t have to explain something you never said.

President Calvin Coolidge

With money tight and prospects for the economy doing worse I’m always on the lookout to save a buck.

So when a vendor calling for Comcast said he could do something for my bill if I made a deal I was willing to listen.

We have two old non HD TV’s in the house, this Christmas using Amazon points we picked up a cheap 32″ HD TV the first one in the house for $97 (contrary to the comments they Did exist) but when I went to Comcast to pay my bill and was told it would be $20 a month for an additional box HD box (down to $10 for a limited time as a promotion) the idea of adding $120-$240 annually to my bills was not an option. (Clearly I am not qualified to run for congress)

So when a few days ago a Comcast subcontractor called saying he could add that third box plus throw in the pay channels I don’t have like HBO, Showtime Stars etc and all the channels below 400 for two years for only $2 more a month with a two-year commitment I told them I’d talk to the wife and if she was OK with it, we had a deal.

So after the wife said we could manage $24 a year I waited for the callback. It came as promised but with a different sales guy who confirmed the deal. We were ready to commit when I asked the $64,000 question:

I just want to confirm, that $2 a month includes all taxes & fees right?

It turned out not to be the case, including Taxes & fees my bill would be about $8 a month more. That comes out to $100 a year. For some people $75 isn’t much but when you are pinching pennies that’s one or two water bills.

I said, nope, can’t do it, I told him if he could guarantee me a price no higher than $3 more a month, I’d go for it, but $8 a month was too much. If he could make the deal for $5 less, we were good.

He refused. I pressed I cajoled and dickered but nothing could pry that price down that extra $5, so when we hung up I figured, maybe it was because it was a subcontractor so I called Comcast proper and tried to make the deal, nope, that extra $5 a month was a bridge too far.

I’ve had Comcast for years and the service has been fine. I pay my bill in person so I can deal with the ladies at the booth who are friendly and know me by fedora , but I was pissed. They had changed my expectation level and then dropped the ball. FIOS had just come to the area and if Verizon wanted me I was as ripe for the picking as you could get.

So I called em.

I talked to the Verizon rep, he was very friendly. I told him exactly the features I needed, the channels I could not do without (MeTV & BBC America) I told him the internet speeds I needed and he quoted me a price better than Comcast WITH a #300 Visa gift card on top of it as a bonus.

There was only one problem, one of my oldest fiends had dropped Verizon like a rock a short time ago, I asked the Verizon rep to call me back the next evening after I talked to my friend to find out why. I named a time and was told I should expect the call. In between I spoke to my friend. He has a full range of features and his issue was of price not quality.  That was it since the quality was there and the price was right it looked good to me!

I made it a point to be available, cancelling my regular Saturday night activities and other obligations. I started making preparations in anticipation of no longer using my e-mail addresses. I understood there would be some inconveniences but I didn’t care. Comcast had led me on and fumbled the ball, As soon as that confirmation call from Verizon came it was goodbye Comcast and Hello FIOS for at least two years, in writing! As soon as the phone rang we were in business…

…it never did.

As the rep was in a different time zone I waited, perhaps he thought 8 my time was 8 his time I waited two more hours and then a 3rd and fourth.


Mind you I’m not one to change capriciously if I like a service I tend to stick with it. If Comcast’s surrogates hadn’t called to make that offer and kept me $5 away from a deal I would have been satisfied to stay exactly where I was but Comcast annoyed me and Verzion had a shot to take advantage of it.

They didn’t.

The end result I’m pissed off at Comcast for raising my expectation and dashing them, I’m pissed off at Verizon for doing the same and I’m upset that I spent a considerable amount of time on the phone with both for no effect, both of em might have done better to just be quiet…

…so tell me more about the Roku thing

One of the nicest thing about the entire “Fiscal Cliff” business is it focuses us on the change that is coming in the 2nd term for President Obama.

Granted the new congress doesn’t convene until Thursday and the President’s new term is twenty days off but the fiscal cliff deadline has clearly been painted in media as a function of post-election the whole: “Obama won so congress should do X” meme.

I was trying to think of how to best illustrate what is coming in a second Obama Term and the more I think of it New Year’s Eve is absolutely perfect for the job.

Think about it:

New Year’s eve is a day when people tend to party to excess forgetting all their actual problems for one big smash of excess forgetting all their worries and then the next morning, what happens:

You wake up in bed with a bad choice beside you

Or In a cell if lucky with a big bill if lucky or a bad accident if not

or in a best case scenario you start the year with a splitting headache

with the huge credit card bills of December in the mailbox

and your federal tax forms in the mail.

This is America under Obama all over, a bender of spending that felt good, a bunch of big bills coming up, and a bunch of bad choices where the lady chooses the flashy guy, vs the steady one.

And we wake up to the 2nd term and suddenly here come the bills, the taxes, the Obamacare (with its taxes and rules), the companies finding it easier to drop hours and coverage than give you insurance, New regulations on the and the layoffs that will come from them and an Arab world with Islamists on the rise.

All of this is coming in the 2nd term, all of this we’ve done to ourselves.

Enjoy New Years Eve because the with the New Year comes the government we deserve, and that’s going to be the most painful part of it.

Update: I’m still $370 away from avoiding a personal 2012 defect. It’s too late for voters to stop the nation’s fiscal cliff but you can help me avoid mine.

I’m prepared too, I have your home address and I noticed that your preparations are light on defensive weaponry.

Dilbert July 31st 2011

Dryden: How did he die?

James Bond: Your contact? Not well.

Dryden: Made you feel it, did he? Well, you needn’t worry. The second is…

[Bond shoots Dryden]

James Bond: Yes… considerably.

Casino Royale 2006

Our friends on the left have a particularly view of gun owners, best represented by this clip from the Movie Highlander and the character played by Christopher Malcolm:

This is the perfect image to them, to them, the crazy ex-vet, white, disturbed, just waiting for the moment to crack.

The absurdity of the argument comes from the lack of violence from all those folks that the Journal News is so anxious to pinpoint as a public service, but let’s play that game for a moment.

For the sake of this post, I’ll stipulate it’s all true; Gun owners are dangerous and we of the right who oppose Barack Obama and gun control are a bunch of violent, heavily armed racist rednecks just waiting for a Glenn Beck or the NRA to give word turning us loose for an orgy of annihilation on an unsuspecting public, particularly women, blacks and gays.

If this is true, even a little bit, is it wise to provoke us with moves like this:

President Obama on Sunday said he would make gun control a priority in his new term, pledging to put his “full weight” behind passing new restrictions on firearms in 2013.

“I’m going to be putting forward a package and I’m going to be putting my full weight behind it,”

Given as stipulated the vast majority of the right is one step away from the cliff of slaughter, might saying: “Next year we’ve coming for your guns” less than two weeks after Andrew Cuomo said “Confiscation could be an option“, be the push to send a bunch of heavily armed Chick-Fil-A eating psychopaths over the edge?

It’s gasoline on a fire ready to engulf the country in flames with only the police, the army and power of the presidency to hold back the impending holocaust of good and decent Obama voters.

Liberals, be afraid, be VERY afraid…

…the rest of us will be out and about living our lives, pointing at you and laughing.

Note: By an odd coincidence my emergency bleg is still ongoing. Any help is appreciated, and for those liberals suffering from the paranoia I’ve just described, let me remind you everybody knows when dealing with dangerous Sicilians a cash tribute is prudent.

Update: Here it comes from Stacy…

UPDATE: Headlines from the Drudge Report:
Buyers flock to gun shows in VA…
‘It’s Never Been Like This’…
Backorders Up To 6 Months From Manufacturers…
Only 1 Person Shows Up To Protest Show In Denver…

Obama: The Greatest Gun Salesman in American History!

Do to an impending change in some background accounts into I detected an e-mail glitch, one of my accounts was not properly downloading my e-mails to my PC.

Apparently this has been going on since mid November on this particular account, but because I get such a volume of e-mail from so many accounts this remained undetected until some maintenance I finally had time to do tonight brought the problem to light allowing me to repair it.

While much of the missed e-mails were simple information there were three that directly impacted people who did not get responses. Therefore I owe three apologies so let me deliver them publicly now.

To Evan Sayet comedian and author extraordinaire, I’m sorry I didn’t answer your e-mail concerning scheduling because I never saw them, I’m anxious to have you on the show ASAP and will try to schedule you either second or third week of January.

To Dr. Paul Byrne, the same. I didn’t get your response e-mail concerning the scheduling of you and tying things down. As this was the week of my mother’s death I was a tad distracted as well but if I saw the e-mails I would have answered them promptly. Like Evan Sayet I would like to schedule you the 2nd or third week of January.

Finally to Kimberly Kerekes of the Town clerk’s office in Barrington NH.

I’m very embarrassed. You apparently answered my questions from this post promptly but because of my e-mail problem I didn’t see the answers until today over seven weeks later. In addition to updating the base post I’ll also add your answers to this one.

It is grossly unfair to you and the town that said answers did not go up promptly and while this was due to the e-mail bug it’s still my responsibility. I hope this public mea culpa helps make up for it.

Dear Peter “DaTechGuy” Ingemi,

My answers are listed below:

1. Is the record of the voter rolls in Barrington available to be viewed by the public YES

2. Is there a separate record of new registrants and/or same day registrants available? NO, PER Secretary of States Office

3. Did a person come in to obtain said records? YES

4. If so was said person told it would be $300 for said records?NO, the fee would be actually be $379 which is the rate for the current MARKED CHECKLIST, which is based on our current photocopy fee per page, which is $1/page.

4a. If there is such a fee, is that set by the city or state? Is it a standard fee for records? For a marked checklist

the fee is what the Town or City charges for a copy.

5. The GROK article states that such public records are available under state law saying the following:

New Hampshire State law (91-a) allows the citizen to review, examine, or inspect, any public document that is available. They can even take pictures of it, or make their own copies or abstracts as long as the document(s) are on site and it occurs during regular business hours.

5a Is this correct and if so can said person make their own copies without charge? A person may view and takes notes on the marked checklist, but NO there will be no copies made without a charge, PER NH STATE LAW (91-a;IV)

“If a photocopying machine or other device maintained for use by a body or agency is used by the body or agency to copy the public record or document requested, the person requesting the copy may be charged the actual cost of providing the copy, which cost may be collected by the body or agency.”

6. Will said records be available electronically (in PDF format etc) and available either to the public on request or on the Barrington site eventually? An electronic copy will be available upon request after the Supervisors of the Checklist have entered and scanned the checklist and new voters into the statewide database for a fee of $26.50.

7. If I came down to see said records would they be available for viewing? YES

I have answered all your questions to the best of my ability, if you have any further questions please

feel free to contact the New Hampshire Secretary of State at 271-3242.
Kimberly Kerekes

Again my apologies to all three people above. Mea Culpa

and the story of that bill was told in cartoon form…

In those magical days congress worked in the following ways.

The House would pass a bill.

If the senate didn’t like the house bill they would pass a bill of their own.

And then the two bills would go to a conference committee and the details worked out.

And then when both sides had passed bills they would work out the differences.

Now things have changed:

The House has passed a budget, the house has passed a tax bill, they have passed bills tackling the big issues of America.

The Senate has not.

They have dodged the big issues, they have punted, the one greatest deliberative body in the world has made a deliberate decision to avoid any decision that might affect their electoral futures and the country be damned.

The response to this inaction? Nobody in the media has challenged the Senate, nobody has pressured the senate, until the last few days nobody has called on the Senate to do anything.

And because the rest of America is too busy simply trying to survive when the media has blamed the house for inaction and ignored the senate the country has ignored them too and not pressured them to do anything.

Perhaps if the media called the Senate on this the people would have pressured them and we would have a bill in conference committee already.

But that is not to be, after all if the American Public is unwilling to punish the Senate for inaction there is no reason for action to take place.

And we once again get the government and the consequences we deserve.

The End.

Update: Still $525 short on the emergency Bleg, any help would be appreciated

Tomorrow on DaTechGuy on DaRadio we have two interesting topics

in the 11 AM hour author Larry Correia will be joining us to talk about his Monster Hunter books but we will certanly be talking about his spectacular piece An Opinion on Gun Control the best treatment on the subject I’ve read.

Before that we will be talking yet another Mass Senate Race with Tom Lavin. Will we be seeing Scott Brown vs Ed Markey and who will be named as the place holder when Sen Kerry is confirmed?

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The Doctor must be behind it! I sense the vicious doctrine of egalitarianism, Hade!

Doctor Who, The Sun Makers 1977

In my last post on the seeming willingness of Democrats to condone behavior against their foes that they would condemn if experienced by their friends I noted how familiar the arguments of those on the Democrat left sounded to the points their party forefathers of the nineteenth century made when explaining why a particular group of people were unworthy of the protections of law and culture.

While some on the left may not believe it right to comparing the arguments and attitudes of an Alexander Stephens in his famous crossroads speech or the majority opinion in Scott vs Sandford to their own, the objection fails due to their quite understandable mistake of seeing these arguments purely in terms of race rather than in terms of the real game here: social structure.

One of the distinct differences that social structure or caste brings is status. How one reacts to different behaviors and what actions can be permitted is based upon where you exist in the structure.

Here are three current examples of this:


The people we cover, we move in their world, but it is their world. You can’t live like them. You’ll never keep up.

The Paper 1994

Last Sunday David Gregory, while hosting NBC’s Meet the Press was interviewing Wayne LaPierre of the NRA held up a 12 shot magazine clip during a confrontational moment of the interview.

Meet the Press is shot in DC and these items are strictly banned with a stiff penalty for possession. NBC made it a point to ask permission of the DC police to bring in the studio, and the DC police refused yet Meet the Press and David Gregory felt unrestrained by this refusal.

As Stacy McCain put it:

in full knowledge that possession of a 30-round magazine is illegal in D.C. — where Meet the Press is recorded — David Gregory and NBC willfully violated the law just so Gregory could dramatize his anti-Second Amendment lecture to the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre.

NBC acknowledged directly the validity of the law by their request to the DC police, their ex-post-facto to provide ATF cover for their actions implicitly acknowledges the legal violation.

Yet the argument of the press is not a question of facts it’s a question of intent. Howard Kurtz laughingly states:

I don’t think Gregory was planning to commit any crimes.

I beg to differ, Gregory planned to possess an item in a location where it was prohibited by law.

If it was you or I or anyone else who possessed said device, the law would take it’s course but David Gregory is one of the elites of the media profession (not some grubby member of the Breitbart Crowd like James O’Keefe) as Noah Rothman puts it:

If the post-Newtown debate over gun control has shown that the media is somewhat out of touch with average Americans, the Gregory episode has revealed that they do not see themselves as average Americans.

He is not an average American, he is a member of a different distinct class, Bill Jacobson on the WCRN Morning Show’s case and Glenn Reynolds arguments  not withstanding as far as the media is concerned David Gregory is a courtier to the king beyond these petty rules and laws that an O’Keefe, Jacobson or DaTechGuy must follow.


“I — I couldn’t take a blow, sir. I suppose I’ve been too long with gentlemen”

Among gentlemen a blow could be wiped out only in blood; among the lower orders a blow was something to be received without even a word.

C. S. Forester: Hornblower and the Hotspur 1962 p 301

Sen. Daniel Inouye, who represented Hawaii in congress since statehood, died this week at the age of 88. Inouye served with distinction during World War 2, losing an arm, his death meant that governor Neil Abercrombie had to appoint a new senator for the seat and selected Lt. Gov Brian Schatz who flew back to the Washington with President Obama to be sworn in as Senator.

Not three weeks earlier Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina announced his upcoming resignation. Governor Nikki Haley in response appointed newly re-elected GOP congressman Tim Scott to the Senate seat. Scott will be the only African American member of the United States Senate and the first Black Senator from the south since 1881.

Yet while the appointment of a black American to the Senate by a female Republican governor of color has elicited responses like this…

MSNBC: Tim Scott, don’t be a token senator

Black Voices News: No reason to celebrate Tim Scott

The NYT: The Puzzle of Black Republicans

…the appointment of Brian Schatz a White Male to the Senate over Rep Colleen Hanabusa by another white Male to replace the longest serving minority in the Senate in US history has not produced a murmur of objection by the MSM.

To supporters of the GOP on the right this contrast might seem unjust but for the media and left Mr. Schatz’s and Mr. Abercrombie status, established by their political persuasion, provides the necessary imprimatur for their choices. That status means their actions are unworthy of complaint while the critique of Mr. Scott & Mrs. Haley, they are to be received without even a word.


Is that you reading Kizzy?

Roots 1977

I follow several people of the left, some that I have met, some that I haven’t and some simply because the mood struck me. One of these people is a lady by the name of Reda St. Cyr.

I know nothing about Reda than what I’ve seen on twitter and what is in the description above. As she lives in Nevada that is unlikely to change.   We’ve occasionally had disagreements over the NRA, over show ID to vote and other issues over twitter, but I know absolutely nothing else about her.

Yesterday we tweeting concerning Guns & the NRA when a subject that is a pet peeve of mine came up, the slaughter of inner city blacks that is ignored by the media and by those who march. At the end of the conversation she tweeted something I found telling:

It is the confusion that is of note here.  I’m sure Ms. St. Cyr is a nice and reasonable woman and is thought so in her community but like Q on WCRN who sees the Tea Party as totalitarian see the GOP as a force for wrong. She, unlike Q, can not wrap her head around the idea that a seemingly nice fellow could be a Republican, and even stranger that such a fellow could make a public argument to support GOP or NRA beliefs. It’s a source of expletive generating confusion.  Why it’s as unbelievable as an illiterate reading scripture.


All of these examples, point to a different caste, a caste that lives under a different set of laws then beneath them, a caste where behaviors are not to be questioned, a caste that reacts with amazement when a member of a lower order displays traits that they would expect from their fellows.

In short this is Feudalism, and they are the lords…well almost. as I’ll explain later.

P.S. I have an emergency bleg up to cover some expenses (oil), details are here, any help would be most appreciated.

I was preparing a long term bleg/budget bill to figure out exactly how much the blog needs to generate to keep me in pixels and in my house for next year when I looked at the bills and saw that with the latest oil bill there simply isn’t the money to pay it and the reserves just aren’t there. Continue reading “Quick Emergency Bleg Update: $230 down $370 to go”

Today during my stint as guest host for the WCRN Morning Show I mentioned a book I received for Christmas: Ships of Oak Guns of Iron the war of 1812 and the forging of the American Navy.

As I took a look at it today I noticed a passage that jumped out at me from the introduction. Charles Francis Adams is giving a speech in 1912 at the American Historical Association answering the question: “Is the United States a ‘world power’ and if so , when did she become one?”

Adams not only says “yes” but dares to specify an exact date and time when the country reached this point:

…To be specific , it was at thirty minutes after six o’clock on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 19th 1812.

It wasn’t Adams quote, but the next two sentences of the author Ronald D. Utt that caught my eye:

Adams did not have to remind his audience what had happened at that specified moment. They all knew, as did every schoolboy in the nation (emphasis mine). That was the moment when the American frigate Constitution shattered and sank the British frigate Guerriere in the first major sea battle of the War of 1812.

That the American Historical Association including former President Theodore Roosevelt knew that date and time is not strange, but that every school boy in the nation would know it is a sentence that might shock and confuse the people of today.

It would not have been a shock to people when I was born. Nor would it be a shock for young boys to know who Alvin York, Davy Crockett, David Farragut James Doolittle, or Anthony McAuliffe were.

I grew up in a time without the internet, without iPhones, and without computers yet any 10 year old boy in America knew who these guys were. Their exploits were taught in schools and celebrated in culture.  Yet today most in public school have no idea who these men were nor would it surprise me if their ignorance was shared by their teachers. They are certainly ignored by our culture.

These men were heroes, they risked or gave their lives to the concept of something bigger than they were. Today we no longer celebrate our heroes, the great and brave deeds that made our nation or the men who did them as Powerline reports:

Beyond the tiresome (race, class, gender, zzz…) and the false (big business causes racism), an obvious feature of the new social studies standards is the banishment of any sense of the heroic in American history. If your child should attend public school in Minnesota under these guidelines, he or she will learn a lot more about the Anishinaabe than about James Madison, Alexander Hamilton or Thomas Jefferson. Those founders are mentioned just once

A society becomes weak when we no longer are willing to celebrate strength. Rick Rickola served with distinction in Vietnam and died going back into the World Trade Center to save people in his care, Sgt Paul Smith was awarded the Medal of Honor for actions in Iraq.  Marc Allen Lee was the first Navy Seal who died fighting in Iraq and Tyrone Woods died this year fighting to save ambassador in Libya when he could have run.

In my youth these men would be celebrated and known in every schoolroom in America.  Memorials would exist of them, movies made about them and boys would dream of matching their bravery. Today a 15 year old boy knows more about  Charlie Sheen, Matt Smith, or Kobe Bryant than any of those men.  If you say “Eli Manning they will talk sports heroics  but if you said the words “Dick Winters” 9 times out of 10 a person under 30 wouldn’t know who he was.  Bilbo Baggins  they can tell you chapter and verse, Bill Guarnere, forget about it!

A society emulates and it’s children aspire to what it celebrates. A country celebrates greatness, can remain great. A society that celebrates nothing, can’t.

That simple sentence in that book says more about the decline of America than any budget battle or reality show ever can.

Tomorrow is the third day of Christmas and we are going to have a doozy of a snow storm with winds and a bunch of White Stuff that we’re all going to have to shovel in NE.

But more importantly tomorrow I’ll be joining Sherman Whitman to host the WCRN Morning Show 5 AM till 9

We’ll of course be keeping NE abreast of the storm but we’ll also take time to talk about the Newspaper in NY who thought it would be a good idea to make public the names and addresses of Gun owners in the city and surrounding areas and in the 7 O’Clock Hour we will be joined by Bill Jacobson of Legal Insurrection to talk a bit about that, David Gregory and double standards.

It will be fun, except for the driving and parking. And we’d love to hear from you, call in at 508-438-0965.

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