They, of course, do tend to regard death as the prime evil and survival as the greatest good. But that is because we have taught them to do so. Do not let us be infected by our own propaganda. I know it seems strange that your chief aim at the moment should be the very same thing for which the patient’s lover and his mother are praying—namely his bodily safety. But so it is; you should be guarding him like the apple of your eye. If he dies now, you lose him.

The Screwtape Letters #28

Before anything else let me thank all of you who have wished my mother well and offered prayers on her behalf. It is much appreciated and prayers in he deposit of faith are never wasted.

If one looks in terms of temporal life things are not looking promising. Other than the fall, bleeding on the brain,Leukemia and possible Pneumonia my mother is doing terrible.

I would not be surprised for her to die in the Hospital, however I would not be surprised to see her come home and live to see my son Graduate from college next year, nor would I be surprised to see her live another four years or more beyond her current 88 years.

But no matter the outcome the question comes down to a simple fact, sooner or later (most likely sooner) my mother is going to die, as am I, as is my wife, our kids and is everyone who will ever read this post.

People spend a lot of time pretending this will not happen, but it’s a situation that has to be dealt with.

Near the end of a life is a test for the person at the end of it. They must deal with final days and weeks without crying out at the “unfairness” of a loss of mobility, and ability and the temptation to give away the gift God has given them.

But the real test in may ways is for those who live. The willingness to care, to give time, to help comfort those near their end who are not in a position to ever give a favor back is difficult. To people who have been taught that their time is their own, the concept of simply sitting in a Hospital room for a few hours to give company to one who is alone is not a rewarding activity.

And for the daughter with children, grandchildren and worries of her own, the hours of actual care-giving are full of effort, particularly when the recipient is not responsive or even worse adversarial.

And all the time there are the pressures of the Doctors and of society to “let people go” for the sake of a false sense of “dignity” or to ship someone to a nursing home to be forgotten until the occasional holiday.

This is one of the reasons why Christianity must by necessity be stopped if the secular culture of death is to succeed. The Christian imperative of intrinsic value of all lives turns the popular verdict of society into a test of moral character for the living as surely as the end of the live is the beginning of the eternal trip that the wise man prepares for and the foolish ignores and denies at their peril.

I must confess I didn’t expect to be dealing with this so quickly after the defeat of question 2, I ask Gods help and your prayers to put properly into practice the arguments I have made.

Update: Via Glenn Althouse asks about the plunging birthrate in the US. This deeply Catholic Woman facing death has given you the answer in the form of 5 children, 14 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren ( and my boys haven’t even gotten started yet).