Tomorrow is December 4th the date scheduled for rules on the plethora of motions concerning Kimberlin v Walker are to be ruled on.

The Courts being what they are, it would not be a huge surprise if for whatever reason a continuance takes place to delay it, but lets work under the assumption for a moment that this is not the case.

With the election I have given a lot less attention to this story, except for noting the foolishness of tangling with Robert Stacy McCain.

But there have been several other developments worth noting.

1. Web Sites web sites where are the web sites?

You can’t have an argument on the internet if one side suddenly runs away:

Mike Stack informs us that Neal Rauhauser’s blog has disappeared, after two months of cranking out smears and conspiracy theories about the alleged evils of various enemies of Rauhauser and his client Brett Kimberlin. Meanwhile, Rauhauser’s pet Twitter troll, “Occupy Rebellion,” has switched her account to “private” setting.

It’s hard to amplify a voice that isn’t there and since there is no chance whatsoever that Rauhauser’s posts were not copied and archived by his foes I’m not sure how effective this will be in terms of hiding things from the court.

or as some have speculated it could be because of a law enforcement issue. Either way it’s not what someone who is winning the argument does.

2.  Attacking Lee Stranahan

There was a specific attack on Lee Stranahan in an attempt to gain access to his site as Patterico reports:

Lee Stranahan got this message from his web host:


While monitoring the servers, it was brought to our attention that your domain,, was undergoing a brute force attack. The purpose of the attack was meant to gain access to your wp-admin area, allowing an authorized person to have complete control of your site.

The email lists URLs of specific posts that have been attacked.

This isn’t a “bring him down” thing which is what you do to silence someone, this is a “take him over” thing.  That’s what happens when someone wants to erase or change the record.

That’s not an act of strength, it’s an act of despair, but the bottom line is while Neil’s site is gone Lee’s is still here.

  and of course there now that there is no longer an election to cover

3.  Stacy McCain on a roll:

While Stacy McCain notes the MSM is starting to discover the story, Stacy immediately recognized it as newsworthy a while back and explains why:

And, if all of that is not enough to make the story sufficiently interesting:

And we haven’t even talked about the first amendment implication of this story which are considerable as a reporter who had to move his family for their own safety can attest to.


So tomorrow we find out if the story ends, continues, gets weirder or some combination thereof.

If you want to keep track of the legal filings make sure you go to Hogewash who has them.  If you want to hear from one of the lawyers involved then listen to DaTechGuy on DaRadio this Saturday when I interview Dan Backer, Aaron Walker’s lawyer 10 AM EST on WCRN

But if you’ve been tied up in the election and need to catch up on the entire thing from there start, here is Stacy’s entire Kimberlin collection

If you want to catch the entire story Here are Stacy’s Links from the start



That’s 93 stories over six months, most of them before the election that he covered extensively.  Can you imagine where this would be if this had not been an election year?

So get reading, unless you want to just focus on the Prince William Kate Middleton baby story instead

Update: Lee Stranahan forced to re-locate site thanks to free speech advocates his new/temp site Stranahan in Exile is here.

Pop Fisher: My gut tells me this, and Red agrees. We feel Hobbs can fill your position very neatly. We’ll give you one more chance to shape up. Otherwise, it’s the bench.

The Natural 1984

The Batman: Ladies, gentlemen, you’ve eaten well. You’ve eaten Gotham’s wealth. Its spirit. But your feast is nearly over. From this moment on, none of you are safe.

Batman 405 (1987) …on TV as Batman Year One (2011)

Friday I talked about the GOP as Drew Bledsoe, not bad getting the team to the playoffs but not realizing that there is a plethora of people on the bench just waiting to take the field. while the GOP takes their IQ test concerning the  Happy Prospect terrible threat of Sequestration

A few weeks ago Mike Rogers of Granite Grok said this:

The time to take over the GOP (state by state) or set up a real third party (let’s call it the conservative party, like NY state), is NOW, after a historic election that demonstrated the ineptness of the “Wizards of Smart”.

If the GOP fails this test and continues to fall for this nonsense, I suggest conservatives state by state follow the New York Model and create the “Conservative Party” to compete with the GOP.

Additionally I think we conservatives should make this threat publicly and directly because the impact of this threat is considerable and directed right at the people it needs to be put to the most.

Consider, one of the pressures being put on Tea-Party conservatives is the threat of an even worse deal as the Speaker goes to democrats for the votes needed to pass his bill. He would need to bring about 30 members of the GOP with him to get to 218 and obviously they would be from “safe seats”.

But what if those seats weren’t safe anymore? What if there was a conservative party running candidates in those establishment GOP districts that are considered safe GOP? Suddenly those seat are in play and our democrat friends would jump in with both feet. In fact I suspect Soros money would pour in to build up such a conservative party in order to divide the GOP.

Now I’m sure there are those saying: “But DaTechGuy, you’d be giving the election to the democrats”, consider these two points, one from Mike Rogers:

If we successfully set up a conservative party, and win some seats, we can choose to align with Republicans or even endorse their candidate as a tactical matter on a vote by vote basis.

The vast majority of the time the NY Conservative Party endorses the GOP candidate, but when we have a Dede Scozzafava we can say: NO!

And this one that’s new from me: Let’s say the GOP caucus says NO WAY! and Speaker John Boehner passes this with 30-50 GOP and 190 Dems (in reality anything resembling cuts won’t get all the dems). We challenge these GOP members in deep red districts and the democrats take the house in 2014, two positive things happen.

1. Every member of the GOP discovers none of them are safe without us.

2. The Democrats get control in the last two years of the presidency of Barack Obama meaning that going into 2016 they get full blame for all that will come.  If Obamacare passed in 2011 rather than 2009 Mitt Romney is president today with large majorities in both houses.

Those two years in the wilderness will have a payoff of real conservatives for years to come, a situation our children and grandchildren will thank us for.

I’d like to remind the GOP of one thing, I was a conservative Democrat and left the Democrat party when it didn’t represent my values anymore. I joined the Republican party because I decided it was time to publicly be the side I was on. If the GOP doesn’t represent my values or is embarrassed by me, if they don’t want to admit needed the conservatives except on election day and on fundraising days then that’s fine, I can take hint and I suspect a lot of the grass root conservatives and tea party members can too.

Do we stay or do we go? John Boehner and the GOP, it’s all up to you.