The latest battle in the War on Women comes from California: a 6’8, 220 lb male Desert Storm veteran who is now playing women’s college basketball.  His teammates are not opposed, but the other teams (and, perhaps, the sixth best player on his team, who no longer starts) are irate. (Hat tip: Stacy McCain, and really Stacy this time, not Smitty dressing up as Stacy. Or something.)

This is allowed to happen because Ludwig was born a man, grew to be 6’8 and 220 lbs, then had a sex change operation a few months ago.

The 95th percentile in height for women is right around 5’8, 5’9. For men, the 95th percentile is somewhere around 6’2.   (Here’s the bimodal distribution; Ludwig is 203 cm, for the record.)

Without getting too much into the math, let’s just point out the obvious: almost no woman can compete athletically against a man.  Debbie Heald, featured in this month’s Runner’s World, set the women’s world record in the mile (and, IIRC, still has the high school record) in 4 minutes, 38 seconds. (The current women’s world record is 4:26.)  Guys at my high school ran 4:30 miles on a semi-regular basis.

If you want to ruin women’s athletics, make us compete against men.  Like Sarah Palin, I’m a Title IX girl and loved playing sports in high school, loved competing, and loved winning.  (I also loved being part of a record-setting relay team, which would never have happened if men had been part of another relay team.)  Athletic women understand that most of us can’t compete against reasonably strong men, and that none of us can compete against 6’8 Desert Storm veterans.

So, progressives: which is more important, women’s athletics or fighting ‘transphobia’? Because this ‘transsexual rights’ thing is a war on women if I’ve ever seen one.

Why not a sensible solution: unless you are unequivocally female, play on the men’s team?  Hormones ridiculously out of whack? Men’s team.  Have y-chromosomes in every cell in your body? Men’s team.  Let us do our own thing and succeed as we are capable of succeeding – by competing against each other and not men.

Update: Evil Blogger Lady writes about a man, with intact genitals, who exposed himself to women in a sauna.  How that is not some form of sexual harassment, indecent exposure, or sexual assault is beyond me.

Over the last 18 months we have heard a lot about the “Arab Spring” and the coming of “Democracy” to places that have not seen it.

Many around the world celebrated these changes. When you considering how horrible some of those deposed were, that’s to be expected.

The media and the left particularly where flush, especially when the pro-US Mubarak was removed. I suspect his hard-line on Hamas and the Muslim brotherhood combined with the American alliance caused him to be particularly hated by righteous leftists everywhere. For them his removal was a moment of true joy and fulfillment, and if the odd female reporter had to suffer rape assault (along with plenty of other women who you will never see on a TV) well, that was the price of freedom and still worth a huzzah.

Fast forward a bit and we are more than two weeks into a second uprising in Egypt after the newly elected Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi took dictatorial powers for himself less than 24 hours after he won praise for taking the heat off the Muslim Brotherhood for not fighting Israel brokering a cease-fire between Israel & Hamas.

There are not only no cheers this time but it seems the western media in general and the US media in particular find this revolution unimportant and those fighting it not worth the trouble to cover.

Forgetting all the moral questions in terms of supporting self-determination, kowtowing to Islamists out of fear and covering the rear ends of people like Obama & Clinton who helped these thugs in the first place, This is a crime against the news industry because in my opinion this revolt is the single most significant event so far of the 21st century possibility including 9/11.

If September 11th was the high water mark showcasing the power of Islamists to the world this 2nd revolt in Egypt could be the catalyst of their ultimate destruction.

Consider: One of the reasons why Islamists are so successful is the Mafia like old world family connection. Think about it.

Lets say you are a Muslim who got sick of the rules, the repression and the life and decided to go west. Suddenly after you’ve finally established a life away from all of that you find a Saudi funded Mosque pushing the very thing you are trying to escape in your area. What do you do? You were already a part of a small minority in the west before 9/11 and afterwards a distrusted one. If you don’t tow the line word gets back to the old country, cousins, uncles and family have trouble, maybe fatal trouble, and that’s assuming they aren’t the ones outraged at you.

On top of that you add the the hypersensitivity of the media to any critique of Muslims. The person who doesn’t want to go along with pressure from the local mosque and community knows that they are not going to get any sympathy from The media.  If the honor killings, the stoning of Americans in America and Molly Norris can’t get press, threats, intimidation and worse from radical Islamists in the community won’t, particularly when there are organizations like CAIR keeping the pressure on.

Now take that and multiply it by 1,000,000 and you have the situation in Egypt, in Gaza, in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

If with the protections that the laws of United States and Western Nations provide, follows of Islam feel intimidated, how must worse must it be is when you live in a nation where a person can disappear without effort, where the authorities are used to being obeyed, where the press isn’t free, where you find yourself monitored and where the religious, social and cultural norms are against you to the point where even if people don’t take part in acts against you, they either approve or understand?

This is the true reason for the stagnation in the Arab World, it’s why the entire area has been one a giant feudal enclave for decades.

None if this is possible without the fear and the belief that things will never change and unless you give in, you will be crushed.

Terrorism is a real threat in the west but totalitarian terror is something these people have lived with for their entire lives as a matter of routine.

Now picture, just for a moment, the image of the Muslim Brotherhood being stopped, successfully defied by the people of Egypt, a people who have said enough, a people so angry and fed up that the normal terror, the normal fear and the normal intimidation and somehow even blaming it on the Jews or Christians doesn’t work?

Suddenly the wall comes down, the perception of invincibility is gone and worst of all this happens in the single most important Islamic country in the world fueled by the acts of ordinary Egyptians.

If this revolution succeeds even slightly, say with the meaningless replacement of Morsi with another Muslim Brotherhood hack, that success will be an earthquake equivalent to Lech Walesa first day in the shipyard in Poland standing up and fighting.

It took a decade for Walesa’s activism to bear fruit and another decade for the freedom of Poland and the nations behind the Iron curtain to follow.  It might take ten times that in a culture that doesn’t have the same history for this to bear fruit.

But if it does it will do so for followers of Islam far beyond the borders of Egypt.  It has the potential to change the world.

The Muslim Brotherhood understand this. It’s why they’re fighting so hard and using all of their influence to keep this a non story in the west.  They don’t want to risk the protestors on the streets of Cairo and elsewhere to get the same inspiration that Soviet refusenik Natan Sharansky and other got when their stories were told in the west.

If they lose this fight it could be the beginning of the end and the Islamic world will never be the same.

How can any person who seriously gives themselves the title of “journalist” let this story go?

Mary Cooper: Don’t tell me Prayer doesn’t work

The Big Bang Theory The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation 2009

Kirk: Well what are the odds now?

Spock: Less than 7000-1 Captain. It’s remarkable we’ve gotten this far

Kirk: Less than 7000-1, well getting better, getting better!

Star Trek Errand of Mercy 1967

He was so excited that when a soldier near him took a wound in the throat, Sheridan simply shouted at the man: “You’re not hurt a bit! Pick up your gun, man, and move right on!” The soldier did so, took a few steps, and then fell over dead — a drastic but unarguable way of replying that Sheridan was mistaken.

Greg Goebel, I Would Rather Die A Thousand Deaths v1.1.3 / chapter 87 of 93 / 01 sep 11

First of all let me once again thank all of you for your kind words and prayers concerning my mother. It is most appreciated and is a favor that can’t be adequately measured.

Now a quick update, Three days after two doctors told us we should expect my mother to die within hours or perhaps days things seems to have changed dramatically.

A blood platelet count that was as low as 12000 and not stabilizing despite a bunch of platelets is now over 70,000 and holding, a woman who was rarely responsive has been cogent although weak and only occasionally able to say a word or two but clearly and distinctly reacting and answering questions. This morning I was resigned to the death of my mother this week baring a miracle. As I type this tonight I saw a woman who was in pain and in a struggle, but very clearly in it to win it.

Now my wife and two of my mother’s grandchildren are nurses and the opinions range from last bit of strength, to nothing will happen this week, to this gives her a chance. One of my nurse nephews cautioned against getting my hopes up but was willing to concede that her odds of survival have increased from 1,000,000 to one to 10,000 to one.

One must walk before one runs and one must stabilize before one has a chance to fight and heal, our family intends to give my mother every chance to do so. Her doctors are rather surprised she has made it this far. It remains to be seen if she is Kirk & Spock or the Union soldier at five forks getting up and moving forward before he falls.

All of this is possible with the prayers you have given, thanks much for keeping things going so keep the prayers coming.