Michael Corleone: I saw an interesting thing happen today. A rebel was being arrested by the Military Police and rather than being taken alive he exploded a grenade he had hidden in his jacket. He killed himself and took a captain of the command with him. Right Johnny?

Johnny Ola: These rebels you know they’re lunatics.

Michael Corleone: Maybe so, but it occurred to me, the soldiers are paid to fight; the rebels aren’t.

Hyman Roth: What does that tell you?

Michael Corleone: They could win.

Godfather 2 1974

Scrooge: Cover them I do not wish to see them

Ghost of Christmas Present: I thought as much. (covers ignorance and want) They are hidden, but they live, oh they live.

A Christmas Carol 1984

Two things jumped out at me from this piece about a Syrian sniper fighting with the rebels:

Like many men on the front line, the Sniper has found solace in religion, but his is a politicized form of Islam. He speaks admirably of the extremist Jabhat al-Nusra group that has been responsible for some of the most spectacular suicide bombings against regime targets. “They are clean and doing good work,” he says. He wants to join them, if he can “cleanse” his body and mind, he says pointing to a red pack of Gauloises cigarettes. A day later, he quit smoking.

So you have a guy who admires suicide bombers who has become so religious he was able to quit smoking cold turkey while fighting a war as a sniper. While you’re thinking about that, consider this:

He remembers his religious awakening, in the first assault he participated in. It was a hit on a checkpoint on the road to the town of al-Bab on Aleppo’s outskirts. “We ambushed them. There was an Islamist with me. My heart was filled with faith. He told me the only thing between me and paradise was this road, was dying on this road. I was sorry that I lived.”

A few days later, we returned to the issue of victims, of whether or not they are all shabiha, and his friend Mohammad. At the end of the day, I told him, he was a Syrian killing other Syrians. “I used to think about the people I’d killed, I’d think about their parents,” he says. “Yes, we are all Syrian, but we didn’t create these differences, they did. It is because I am Syrian, because these people, these civilians who are dying are Syrian, that I am doing this, that I am standing with and for my people. Those who are not standing with their people are not Syrian, they are traitors, and traitors must die.”

read the whole thing (via glenn) and ask yourself, if he was willing to kill his fellow Syrians, his fellow Muslims and his childhood friend, how much easier will it be for him to kill or blow up an infidel westerner if his religion calls upon him to do so?

When the fighting in Syria and elsewhere is done, hundreds to thousands of men like this will be unleashed on the world following a religious doctrine that tells them if they slaughter us they get paradise.

This is a preview of coming attractions, you can deny it or ignore it but that won’t stop it from happening.

I think whether or not this worries you is a bigger IQ test than anything to do with the fiscal cliff.

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