“And that one?” I pointed to a man up to his chin in boiling blood. He was screaming in agony so his face was distorted, but he looked Oriental.

“New one,” Billy said. “Seung, something like that. Went out and shot a bunch of people in the college he was at. Allen, it puzzles me that a man can shoot thirty-two full-grown men and women before the sheriff’s men gun him down. You’re more his time, maybe you can tell me. Why didn’t someone just shoot the son of a bitch?”

I scratched my head. Billy’s viewpoint seemed skewed, alien.

“Five of ‘em where teachers,” Billy said. “They had to protect their kids. How could they now be armed? It’s as if someone has been taking away their guns.”

Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle Escape From Hell

Don’t go to parties with metal detectors Sure it feels safe inside; but what about all those niggaz waitin outside with guns? They know you ain’t got one..

Chris Rock No Sex in the Champagne Room from the Album Bigger & Blacker

I’ve been out of circulation for a little while so I didn’t hear about the shooting in CT until I came home around 7 PM yesterday evening. It’s a horrible thing. It’s hard to lose a parent but that is the natural order of things in life, it is quite another to lose a child and I can only offer my prayers and condolences to the people going through this horror.

If we were one nation and had the culture we once had, this post would now end, but unfortunately we no longer live in that culture, nor will I recycle my post from July despite the temptation provided by an auto save glitch that erased most of this post that I am now re-entering.

One can no longer cede the floor, after all if George Washington choose propriety he would have stayed home on Christmas Eve 1776 and the people of America would be even more obsessed with the former Kate Middleton. (Is that possible?)

So let address what I’m thinking point by point to the groups of people those thoughts are directed toward;

1. To our Atheistic Secular Humanistic friends in full: “If there is a God why does he allow this” mode:

I’m laughing at you. Because that argument much like phony “The Bible endorses slavery” one is in effect a statement of the existence of God.

It’s classic misdirection, rather than blame man, in this case a particular man for an act of evil, you blame God in effect crying: “God let this happen God sucks.” Strange the need to blame one who “doesn’t exist” or are you just trying to convince yourselves?

BTW no matter how much you think God Sucks he still loves you.

2. To the “Blame the Gun Crowd” asking “Why do we need so many guns?”

I find you aren’t much different from the “It’s God’s fault” people above. I’m not surprised at you, simply bemused.  While you ask ‘why there are so many guns out there‘ strangely enough you forget 50 or 60 years ago we were just as heavily armed yet such events were so rare we actually knew the names of all the people who did stuff like this.

I think a better question is:   How did we get to a society where such acts are common when we once they were not?

I doubt you will ask that question because it might lead to the odd coincidence of a particular cultural meme removed from the classroom two generations ago.  Even worse it might lead to the conclusion the values suggested by said cultural meme gave people, particularly the young who are so willing to kill both themselves and others these days, purpose and control in a way modern culture doesn’t.

We can’t have that can we?

3. To our media and elite betters:

You really miss the days of the feudal lords don’t you? You are so anxious to disarm the citizenry for the “common good” as long as your own bodyguards remain heavily armed aren’t you.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  This has always been the way of elites the world over, restrictions for the common good on everything from food to travel to light bulbs, but exceptions for the right people. Perhaps that’s why Rupert Murdock is so willing to block Glenn Reynolds who today in USA today quoted author William Burroughs:

“After a shooting spree,” author William Burroughs once said, “they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it.”

Glenn asks: Hey, Rupert: Why is your life more deserving of protection than a battered woman’s or a 7-11 clerk’s?

Because he, like Bloomberg is the Lord of the manor and we are just the Hoi Polloi THAT’s why!

4. To our ultra liberal friends who still think they are rebels 30-40 years after they declared “never trust anyone over 30” and never stop talking about their beloved 60’s:

Tell me, why on earth are you willing to support a society where only THE MAN has access to guns? Haven’t you spent the last several years telling us about how many innocents our government killed in Iraq, in Afghanistan? Haven’t you told us how we are targeting Americans and making the disappear on terror grounds?

How can you trust such a government to be the sole holder of weapons? After if one killer can slaughter 20 how much more can a government do? Particularly if someday there is an evil racist sexist bigoted homophobic republican in the White House ready to come after your lady parts? I speak especially to the Black Americans in the liberal cities who are ready to march on the police whenever Mr. Jackson or Sharpton tell them to. If the police and government are so racist do you really want to be disarmed and at their mercy?

5. To those who speak in the language of political correctness.

I doubt that I could do as well as Stacy McCain who coincidentally also invokes Chris Rock.

Our culture has lost all sense of perspective, of reasonable balance, so that we are unable to make common-sense judgments about risks. Which is the greater danger: That a schizophrenic might have his feelings hurt, or that a schizophrenic might go off his meds and kill people?

Common sense is quite nearly illegal nowadays and it’s certainly unfashionable in the Obama Age. So the usual liberal dingbats — including the ACLU types who assured us it was “a fearless, independent life style” for a crazy woman to defecate in public on the streets of Manahattan — are telling us we need more gun control.

And I say, no, what we need is more kook control. But no member of Congress in either party would have the guts to introduce “The Dangerous Lunatic Incarceration Act of 2013,” which would put wackjobs like Adam Lanza some place where they couldn’t kill people.

Chris Rock was right: “Whatever happened to ‘crazy’?

I think that whole philosophy is about making oneself feel good.  After all from that philosophy do we even have the right to question the motives of this shooter?  Doesn’t he have the right to define his own morality and if in fact man is just another animal that needs to be understood is this just not the natural act of such an animal at this stage of development?  We certainly can’t judge him, that would be the ultimate sin.

6.  Finally to those who insist the media is not biased,

Imagine just for a moment how this story would have been approached if this shooter had been named “Nidal” or “Mohammad”,  had said the words “Allah Akbar” before firing and belonged to a religion that rhymed with “fizlam”.

I Imagine who the story would be written about how we should understand what drove this killer to do his deeds, likely the horrible acts of the west, the same thing that must be the source of this story:

An elderly Swedish charity worker who was seriously injured in an attack by unidentified gunmen in Lahore was on Monday flown home in an air ambulance for “medical and security” reasons, officials said.

Birgitta Almeby, a 70-year-old worker of the NGO Full Gospel Assemblies of Pakistan, was attacked near her residence in Model Town of Lahore on December 3.

FGA spokesman Liaquat Qaiser had described the incident as a “targeted attack”.

Birgitta has since died, her murder will never be newsworthy to some people.

As I said in a different time It would have been enough to write what Sarah Palin did:

My heart goes out to the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy in Connecticut today. Words can’t express the horror everyone feels in seeing such evil manifested against innocent children. Nothing could be worse than the murder of innocent children. Let’s all pray for the victims, their families, and the whole nation.

but she will in fact be attacked even for this, so I might as well vent and be attacked for a wolf rather than a sheep.

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