I was watching the Big Bang Theory when I noticed an ad for “The 3 Day” a walk against Cancer.

Well when they say it’s a “walk against cancer” it actually means it raises money for an organization that has a stated mission of fighting breast cancer.

Strangely enough, nowhere in the TV spot was the name of that organization that receives the money from the 3 Day listed.

Well that might be because that organization is Susan G Komen foundation.

You might remember them as the charity that decided that Planned Parenthood the nation’s #1 abortion provider is a proper recipient of grants paid for by the donation you would give by supporting “The 3 Day”.

However they hope you don’t, because people who understand Abortion is an intrinsic evil tend to be generous in their donations to charity. So if you are one of those who might donate the last thing they want to do when asking for your money is to say the name “Susan G Komen” because if they do, then you just might just realize where those dollars you are planning to give the three-day might end up.

I suspect that is why this walk is now called “The 3 Day” because if used to be called the Susan G Komen walk against breast cancer but they don’t dare call it that anymore for fear people haven’t forgotten.

For those who have, here is a handy Graphic reminder

If Susan G Komen and The 3 Day have money to give to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s #1 abortion provider they don’t need any of mine.

But more than that, what does it say about an organization if they need to banish their name from their ads in order to persuade you to fund them?

Ok let’s start from the beginning.

After a tenacious effort on Stacy part Alyssa Milano gives Robert Stacy McCain a tweet.

Stacy being properly grateful remembers said re-tweet and in the middle of a rule five style post involving Ace chooses instead to defend her honor. At the end of an emotional day off the net I notice Stacy’s post, write a little something about honor and loyalty and bring up my own tweet from William Shatner.


Said tweet in the eyes of my sons and their college friends still producing a higher coolness factor in their eyes than 2 years on the radio and credentials for Presidential events and Scott Brown debates.

Stacy notices the post, and tweets out suggestions concerning bringing said fundraiser to a successful conclusion and said tweets end up generating his own tweet from William Shatner,


and a follow up post on the subject.

Now despite efforts from loyal readers early on (Thanks to all of you) and some pushing from Sissy Wills my fundraiser had been dead in the water for days. I’ve been wondering how I was going to pay a bill due Thursday.

When I woke up this morning on this twelfth day of Christmas with my wife at work I turned on the laptop and checked e-mail and found I had tip jar hits from Brendan, Tanjia, Two Roberts and Jeff which were enough to bring me over the top to solve my problem.

Before anything else let me thank them and all the others who kicked in to get to my $600 goal but lets look at the events one more time.

Alyssa Milano tweets Stacy, William Shatner Tweets me, Stacy put up a post defending Alyssa Milano, I post on Stacy Loyalty, Stacy notices my post, tweets out my fundraiser, Stacy is Tweeted by Shatner, Stacy posts on the Shatner Tweet, I wake up and my fundraiser is completed successfully.

Apparently without Alyssa Milano and William Shatner tweeting my friend Stacy, he doesn’t post on my fundraiser and it doesn’t end successfully, but there is one more event in this sequence I didn’t mention yet.

Although her funeral mass was yesterday, my mother died on Dec 13th. It had been a miserable Christmas for me and mine, we really didn’t celebrate and almost every family tradition from the open house on down was discarded this year and I did a horrible job of bringing the family out of a faithless funk of a Christmas Season.

I last went to confession the day before my mother died. Yesterday I finally went to confession again.

Within 24 hours of that confession Stacy Writes his post, I write mine, Shatner Tweets Stacy, Stacy Writes his follow up post and my fundraiser ends successfully.

My thanks to Stacy, Bill, Alyssa and all the tip jar hitters for their actions leading to these events, but I believe the first thanks goes to the one who provided the grace to allow these events to take place.

As a very Catholic Blogger you would think I wouldn’t need to be reminded of these things, but then again people forget that even the Pope has a confessor.