The 11th Doctor:   Oh and delete your internet history

Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour 2008

Yesterday when I woke up I found that once again the meme of “Zilla the non-existent” had spread again.

As I have met Zilla in person, visited her in the Hospital and interviewed her the meme was quickly proven wrong.

To his credit, on seeing this evidence the person in question apologized and deleted tweets to that effect as his honor demanded but the entire topic raises an interesting point concerning the net.

Everyone makes mistakes and although search engines make the internet smaller it is impossible for one to see everything on it.

It is also true that even if you have corrected a mistake your old posts might bite you back. Here  is an example.

Pat Adkins has a blog I check occasionally called The Thinking Americanist

He’s right on some things (guns) wrong on others Right to Work and he dislikes my closest friend on the net, but on occasion shows real promise (trust not in princes…great post that).

Well he had a few things to say about my friend Zilla last year(all emphasis mine)

In July:

….and yes, you are faking your illness, a well-known and well respected professional blogger, who gets PAID to do write and blog told me so.

And September

The only thing I said about Zilla, was that I heard, from a good friend of mine; who is a Conservative, who gets paid rather well to blog; that Zilla was faking her illness. I know nothing about, nor have I ever said anything about her husband. If someone is saying anything about her husband, it is not me at all. Furthermore, I have never said anything about Zilla taking a trip anywhere either. If my friend was wrong and he could have very well been misinformed, so be it. But I simply told what I heard from what, I believe was a very good source.

Considering Pat’s source was not only a friend but a “paid journalist” one can certainly see why he would believe it, after all I have several sources of my own that if they told me something I would believe it at once.

However after interview in the Hospital with Zilla went up and he was made aware of it Pat did the right thing in style with a post I will reproduce here in full.

A while back I wrote some stuff about a Blogger, that I had heard some stuff about.

Well, based upon what I have seen Here and Here, I publicly retract what I wrote about “Zilla, of the Resistance

Now that I have actually seen the video. I am convinced. To my defense, I just repeated what I was told.

Well, someone was full of crap and I now, and rightly so, feel like the world’s greatest asshole. :(

If I had the extra hundred bucks; I would pop it in her tip jar and in Dan’s ; but I do not have it, so I can’t. But those who read this blog can.

Public retraction, public apology mea culpa and tip jar request for Zilla. One can certainly not fault Pat’s efforts he went above and beyond a simple correction in a very honorable way.  He also proved himself a loyal friend as he didn’t burn his pal who burned him.

He did however, make a basic mistake that I didn’t notice until today and I’ll wager he hasn’t noticed it either:  He forgot to update the previous posts linking to the correction post.

Now perhaps he figured regular readers who saw the old posts he linked to would naturally see the new. he might have counted on the trackbacks from the correction post to show up in comments or he might have been busy calling his friend for giving him bad info making him look bad.

The problem becomes if another blogger saw the old post and quoted and linked to them, those other blogs now become the primary source for other people and search engines who see the old mistake uncorrected and take it from there.

The point being I suspect this kind of thing happens all the time, it’s the nature of the internet and the blogosphere, there is not much a person can do about it, whether it is a bad post or a porn video shot years before, it’s almost impossible to permanently correct the record on the net, bad info is going to get out there and it is impossible to completely purge it.

So take that as a lesson the next time you prepare to upload a photo, repeat some gossip or say something that might embarrass you or someone else on the net. Take care and be aware.

Because no matter what the Doctor says you simply can’t delete your internet history.

Work took me out to the western part of the state (near the dragons); in my wanderings, I stumbled upon the hip Hot Table panini restaurant. YUM. 

Hot Table serves made-to-order hot paninis and salads; their vegetable bar is a thing of fresh, colourful beauty; their dark roast coffee doesn’t turn a shade paler than black until you’ve dumped about a cup of milk into it.  No, seriously, check out the link and look at the veggies; it puts Au Bon Pain to shame.  Paninis come in small and large; both salads and paninis come with a “build your own” option.  Here’s the menu – vegetarian heaven.  Okay, there’s also plently of meat on it (black and blue paninis, anyone?).

They do eat-in and take-out.  By noon, most of the tables were taken; ten minutes later, the line was twenty people deep.  (The line does move fast.) 

Now for the part that will make Peter smile: the signs posted in the store and the “Deo Gratias” footer on every menu.  Hot Table is closed on Sundays in order to give its employees a day of rest:

When we opened our first restaurant in 2007 we made the decision to close on Sundays. This decision was as much practical as spiritual. We believe that all of our employees should have an opportunity to rest, spend time with family and friends, and worship if they choose to do so. That’s why all three of our Hot Table restaurants are closed on Sundays. It’s part of our recipe for success.

The restaurant’s mission is to thank God for His graces, to give back to the community, mentor employees, and serve healthy food.  As I said before, the place was absolutely packed, proving that it’s entirely possible to be a moral and a profitable corporation – something Chick-fil-A has been proving for years. (One can also see how a Paul Ryan type can both be Catholic and a student of Ayn Rand’s philosophy.)  Non-profits are not the only groups that are capable of adding to people’s lives and doing good in the world, nor are all profit-making entities immoral, amoral, or heartless money-grubbers.  Nor does one need to be part of a leftist, “let’s give our profits back!” group in order to do good. Some “non-profits” have executives who make exhorbitant salaries; some are greedy, rapacious, and dishonest. The amount of profit is hardly related to morality – the means of making that profit (or of reclassifying huge sums of money as ‘non-profit’) is the issue.

I don’t follow college sports so I don’t care one jot that Notre Dame was crushed and humiliated by Alabama last night, but if you are I have one bit of advice.

If you are a Catholic who is more troubled by Notre Dame’s loss to Alabama than you were by the scandals involving the Pro Abortion President as commencement speaker and supporters of Emily’s (Abortion) List on the board then might a suggest an hour before the blessed sacrament to pray for decrement

Nothing to see here

The Naked gun 1988

Some interesting things going on at the US Import/Export Bank:

The Ex-Im first made a $78.6 million direct loan in December 2012 to Abengoa, the Seville, Spain-based firm that specializes in green technologies, then approved a second loan worth $73.6 million Agengoa’s Palmatir S.A., wind farm in Cuchilla de Peralta, Uruguay.Ex-Im president Fred Hochberg said the loans will support “approximately 510 American jobs.”

Loaning out $298,431.37 of taxpayer backed money per “American Job supported” is odd, loaning over 150 Million of taxpayer backed money to green companies after the fiasco of green companies dropping left and right in the US these loans is odder.

But what doesn’t seem odd to me is this:

Former Democratic New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson sits on both the Abengoa International Advisory Board and is currently listed on the Ex-Im bank’s website as a member of the advisory committee that helps guide bank policy.

The idea of insiders getting insider making insider deals with taxpayer money, that’s not odd, that’s business as usual.

What is odd is that a former Presidential candidate and prominent governor being on both sides of taxpayer backed loans to foreign governments is a story that is newsworthy to the Washington Free Beacon and the Washington Examiner but produces no results when you do a search of the New York Times for “Bill Richardson”.

Then again considering that former presidential candidate and governor has a “D” next to his party affiliation maybe the disinterest of the MSM isn’t that odd after all.

Nothing to see here, move along.