While I was at the Niki Tsongas event I met Stephen Twining of the Sons of Union Veterans who spoke to me about the organization and some Civil War History.

You can find out more about the Sons of Union Veterans here

As you might guess there is a such an organization for the Confederate side of the aisle as well. You can find them here.

I saw this article, via Glenn, and I was simply in disbelief.

Apparently there are couples who have sex during labor and delivery. Did you hear me? Let me phrase it another way just to be sure I got the point across. There are actually women who have sex with their husbands in the hospital either while they’re in the midst of labor — or shortly after giving birth to their babies.

Not being a medical person my objections were purely in the ICK category and I was going to write a piece along those lines, then I spoke to my wife who has been a registered Nurse for 27 years.

While sharing the ICK factor “Don’t tell me a woman wants to get back in the saddle immediately after birth!. the first words out of her mouth when I mentioned the article were: Air Embolis

Here is what medical news today says about Embolism

An embolism in a medical context refers to any large moving mass or defect in the blood stream. An air embolism is an air bubble trapped in a blood vessel.

Why is that a danger? read on.

When an air bubble travels along an artery, it moves through a system of blood vessels that gradually become narrower. At some point, the embolus will block a small artery and cut off the blood supply to a particular area of the body.

and this can be fatal:

For venous air embolisms, death may occur if a large bubble of gas becomes lodged in the heart, stopping blood from flowing from the right ventricle to the lungs

And there are specific examples of this as can be found in Postgraduate Medical Journal.

We describe the cases of two young women who died due to air embolism during sexual intercourse early in the puerperium.

Puerperium meaning…

: the period between childbirth and the return of the uterus to its normal size

Listen I’m an old married man, it will be 25 years in April and I’m a big fan of sex in marriage, but even the best sex in the world is not worth risking the mother of your children particularly at the very start of one of their lives. To do so is the definition of selfishness and narcissism.

Take a deep breath, a cold shower and just walk away.

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