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I was up very late last night and woke up to Morning Joe going absolutely apoplectic (I believe the scientific term is “Batshit Crazy”) over the following ad:

The left is angry and I’m not surprised. I’d be angry too if somebody turned my favorite message against me.

The Democrats won an election by pushing the class warfare line, the 1% line, the idea that Mitt Romney was an elite that didn’t care about you and your families. It was a sell that worked with low information voters.

Now you have the same message being played by the NRA to the same voters. It’s the class warfare argument, the 1%, the argument that the President and the rich Washington elites don’t care about your families as long as their own kids are safe.

The left hates this argument, they just used it and know it works.

I hope they play this ad every single day, I think it would be even more effective on Black & Hispanic TV considering how violence has been rampant, and ignored by the same elites that are pushing laws that will not do a thing to make their neighborhoods safer.

The left wanted to play class warfare, fine, our turn.

I’ll give the last word to Robert Stacy McCain


Expanding on my post of yesterday morning about the Democrat party not being what it was. I thought of another theme we regularly see from the MSM.

We are constantly told stories of the good old days when the Democrats and the Republicans got along so well, the days when members of congress really cared and worked together to get things done.

If you don’t know better, you might actually buy that claptrap.

What they really nostalgic are the good old days when democrats had power in congress that was almost totally unchallenged and Republicans Presidents had to come hat in hand to do anything.

For those too young to remember let’s put it in perspective:

For the 17 years of my life I never saw a day when either house of the congress was controlled by the GOP. For 10 of those years the Democrats had sixty votes or more in the Senate and never had less than 54.

(BTW during the first six years of Reagan’s presidency the GOP majority in the senate was never higher than 54)

For the first 31 years of my life I never saw the House controlled by the GOP. During that entire time the Democrats never had a majority smaller than 50 seats.

To put that in perspective, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter and George Bush didn’t have a GOP house for a single day during their presidency.

It wasn’t until I was 37 years old that the GOP had both houses and the White house and that only lasted 4 months until Jim Jeffries flipped. I had to wait till age 40 for the GOP to have a 51-49 majority in the senate at the same time they had the house.

Put simply liberal reporters who were starting out in the 60’s 70’s cut their teeth it was a joyous time. An era where liberalism ruled supreme and the GOP was powerless.

Congressmen could get along, it’s easy to be nice and condescending to people who are no threat to your the power you crave, you can even throw them a bone now and again to show just how magnanimous you are.

Conversely for establishment republicans, it was an easy time. Other than the odd pork project (which made big government stronger) you never were expected to stand up and be counted. You never had to make a tough vote, you could tell the folks back home how upset you were at the direction the country was going and then go back to Washington and still be invited to all the best parties and get the respect due to a member of congress because it was clearly understood that you knew your place. It’s why people like Newt Gingrich, elected in 1978 were so hated.

Frankly I think the media and the Democrat never got over Gingrich taking the house in 1994. They consider power a divine right and resent having to appeal to the mere voters in order to maintain it.

That’s why I often compare them to feudal lords. For all their supposed French revolutionary zeal they really see themselves as the nobles of the Ancien Régime unjustly deposed of the authority that is their birthright, dreaming of the day when they will take their rightful place at the seat of power where they will as in the old days look out for those unwashed masses who really don’t know what’s best for them.

One you understand that, it all makes sense.