The Annual Goal and What it pays for

As you know for the Last two years since the start of my radio show and the end of my unemployment (and failure to get employed in my tech field) I have devoted my energies to turning this blog and my show DaTechGuy on DaRadio into a viable business.

I have been working very hard behind the scenes and devoted a great amount of time to these things culminating in the Syndication that has now begun

As for the blog last year I have covered the president election in person, primaries and general, I have interviewed and questioned candidates from Herman Cain to Rick Santorum, to Brown and Tsongas, Huntsman and Rand Paul, I’ve spoken to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, interviewed Joe & Mika from Morning Joe covered and questioned Kelly Ayotte, Allen West, Chris Christie.

I hit congressional and gubernatorial campaigns in CT & NH, and traveled NY State to examine the sophomore campaigns of GOP congressmen, some successful some not. I covered Mitt in Bow NH when he converted his rally into a prayer service for those killed in Aurora, covered Paul Ryan’s first visit to New Hampshire at St. Anselms and was in the Room when Mitt gave his concession speech. Just last week I was in the room when the Mass GOP made the type of history one wishes to forget.

And of course I’ve interviewed the ordinary voter wherever I’ve gone, because they are the people who really makes the difference in America.

In short you would have to go to Stacy McCain to find a blogger that has hit more places and done more things to give you the best possible coverage that I can afford to give.

It’s been done without benefit of a TV network or a magazine gig or a newspaper check. What I’ve been able to do has been what you have been willing and able to pay for.

Now the question is asked (and it’s was being asked by DaWife even before her hours were being cut) can this life be enough to pay the bills that her job can’t?

Well I’ve crunched the numbers and it’s really up to you.

The simple goal is to earn enough to pay the basic house bills so that the roof stays on, the oil gets delivered the lights are on and there is gas in the car to cover events in a 150 diameter. That number is $50 every weekday and $50 on a weekend basically $300 a week.

That doesn’t count special trips, such as CPAC (About $1000) or Blogcon or any other big events that’s I’d have to fly or rent a car for but if something big like that comes up, then I’ll ask about it.

I’m sure the last thing any of you want is me constantly asking for your dollars, but I’m not Andrew Sullivan. I draw a 5 or 6 figure living in 24 hours on going independent.

So here is what I’m going to do, I’m going to have a weekly and a monthly goal

I’m going to put up a monthly Tip Jar Goal of $1200 and in the first post of each day I’m going to include DaTipJar in the post with the follow-up from the previous day. I’ll include additional updates in the last week of the month to show where the needle in the hopes of getting me over the top each month.

I’m of course still going to be hustling, selling airtime on the show as best I can but until the show reaches the point were I don’t have to worry every month if the mortgage is going to be paid.

$14,400 a year (before taxes) isn’t much to live on, it’s half of what I got in unemployment and 1/3 of what I was earning before I lost my job. and I don’t expect (but will happily welcome) to manage it in one or two tip jar hits, but at $50 a day or $300 a week it can be done, at least if you, dear readers, think I’m earning it.

To those of you who have kicked in and subscribed thanks so much for getting me this far. To all who choose to do so in the future either via DaTipJar

Or via subscription

my thanks in advance.