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I returned to the scene of the Blast at Victory Auto Parts in Fitchburg Today:

Victory Auto Blast Update Stills 002

The damage is more impressive in the light of day. The Blast took out the office on the left side of the building

Victory Auto Blast Update Stills 008

Dropped bits of it

Victory Auto Blast Update Stills 003

in the surrounding trees

Victory Auto Blast Update Stills 007

And blew out windows in the house next door

Victory Auto Blast Update Stills 004

As the building department meets with the owners (who normally would have been in that office that exploded).

Victory Auto Blast Update Stills 005

The question became why a gas explosion in a building heated by oil?

it appears the leak came from an old capped off gas line, and the gas built up and was set off by something. The explosion being under the office would also explain why the blast didn’t kill or seriously injure the people actually in the business at the time of the blast.

The Boston Networks are all over the place

Victory Auto Blast Update Stills 009

The Donut shop across the street is doing some business from the news people in town no word if Conquest video is as well.

Victory Auto Blast Update Stills 010

My final report

So two business closed, perhaps permanently but all things considered given strength of the blast there are a lot more blessings to count than costs in the light of day.

Update: MSM reports Fox, CBS Boston, 7 News, WCVB 5, NECN twice, the Globe, the Worcester Telegram and of course the Sentinel and Enterprise

According to Mayor Lisa Wong, the explosion broke every window in the Linwood Street home closest to the building, leaving its two occupants without a place to stay until the glass is cleaned up and the windows replaced.

Residents in the surrounding neighborhoods felt the force of the blast. Kristy Murphey, 23, was home dyeing her hair with her roommates when they felt the house move.

“We thought a car hit the house,” said Murphey’s roommate, Vanna Rawleigh, 28.

They ran outside to see what happened as a crowd gathered around the site.

The “car hit the house” was the common theme when talking to people about the event.

Morning Joe is asking questions concerning the Drone program, yesterday Joe Scarborough expressed his upset with the program.

Now I have very little sympathy for US citizens sitting with an enemy in enemy territory collaborating with them in time of war. US citizens working with the Germans in Berlin or Tokyo were not immune to bombing. As however the war is not specifically declared (congress SHOULD do so) and given the more precise nature of the strikes proper oversight is not too much to ask.

Today Morning Joe led with the same story and Joe Scarborough continued on the subject hitting the republicans for not objecting, but it was his next pronouncement that caught my eye.

“The next step is the killings start taking place on American soil”

and that’s when I started to chuckle.

Didn’t Morning Joe in general and Joe Scarborough in particular just spend WEEKS calling people members of the “extremist wing of the NRA” for suggesting that the 2nd Amendment exists for the citizens to protect themselves from tyrannical government? Didn’t he say that people have no “need” of arms etc?

Yet now he is railing about the possibility of the American Government killing Americans on American soil without due process. Isn’t that the definition of Tyranny?

If I was the administration I’d be saying that Joe Scarborough is “obviously from the extremist wing of the MSM”, but I wouldn’t do it for long, good kept republicans are hard to come by.


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Update: Reason weighs in:

There is a darkly comic aspect to this, I suppose: Here’s a president who once taught classes in constitutional law and swore up and down that America doesn’t torture, that he was against “dumb wars” waged by his predecessors, that he was more transparent than a glass of triple-filtered water, and who won a goddamned Nobel Peace Prize! And he turns out to be not just a little iffy when it comes to being constrained in his willingness to break all sorts of rules but downright godawful.