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With the premiere of my Syndicated Talk show moved up a week I didn’t even consider going to the National Review event in DC last week, (unlike Stacy McCain and the 4 Tier Crew) .

I see why they went though because you hear stuff like this from Ted Cruz:

“The first thing I would urge to every Republican in the House of Representatives is stop reading the New York Times,” he said. “Cancel your subscription.”

“Listen, the media is going to tell you—I’ll sum it up, the next two years of headlines from the New York Times: ‘The Democrats Are Right,’ ‘Abandon Conservative Principles’ and ‘Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter,’” Cruz said. “Their answer—and it will be their prescription on every single fight—here is what conservatives and Republicans need to do: abandon your principles and become Democrats.”

This actually could be extended to almost every branch of the MSM as they take their lead from the NYT.

For example If you were waiting to hear about Robert Menendez and underage hookers (or even Menendez and his being victimized by a donor in NJ who gave him $97k illegally) you wouldn’t have heard it on Morning Joe. If you had an interest in Saxby Chambliss decision to not run in 2014 that wasn’t a story.

Sarah Palin departure from Fox, now THAT’s news.

Of course it’s for reasons like this that places like Stacy McCain’s site exists, so after groups like CNN tell us the Hagel nomination is all locked up that we can hear about delays

But back to Cruz the left will tell you who they fear and two newer pieces on opposite sides of the political fence illustrate this. First at the National Review:

In the past week alone, Cruz has tangled with veteran Democratic spin-master Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) on Meet the Press, sent a tongue-in-cheek letter to Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago, introduced legislation to fully repeal Obamacare, and recorded “no” votes on major items, including Hurricane Sandy relief, raising the debt ceiling, filibuster reform, and the confirmation of John Kerry for secretary of state. He also made headlines with his aggressive interrogation of prospective defense secretary Chuck Hagel.

Additionally, Cruz’s quick rise to prominence appears to have offended the sensibilities of the political press. During Hagel’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee last week, I overheard multiple groans from other journalists covering the event whenever Cruz began a pointed line of questioning. On Twitter, they noted their exasperation in more colorful ways.

And Mother Jones:

Last October, at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit in Washington, Cruz brought down the house with a story about his father’s appearance at a Texas tea party rally. At that event, Rafael Cruz, a programmer turned pastor, had launched into a lengthy discourse on an inspirational young leader who’d come to power on a message of hope and change. “He never once mentioned the words ‘Barack Obama’; he simply described what Fidel Castro did,” Ted Cruz said. Ted’s style bore all the trappings of a polished debater, everything scripted down to the hand gesture. He clasped and unclasped his hands and, for emphasis, brought them crashing down like a concert pianist. “Now what does it say about you that you hear what Castro did and you think immediately that it must be Barack Obama?”

Ted Cruz has argued before the Supreme Court, he has a history that informs him of the dangers of socialism and demagogues. He has directly defeated the establishment types in the GOP that hope to restrain him and as a Hispanic out of Texas represents a threat almost as great to Democrats as Miguel Estrada was but unlike Estrada who could have a path to the Supreme Court blocked in the senate, Ted Cruz was ELECTED to the senate from a safe red state.

As a said, the left will tell you who they fear, you know Cruz is feared when the MSM finds itself willing to lionize Rubio as a contrast. Expect the daily attacks on Cruz from Joe Scarbrough et-al to continue over the next 3-5 years to create a narrative.

How Cruz deals with these attacks will tell you how ready he is.

Robert Spencer’s warnings on Radical Islam might have turned off the press and the local arch diocese, but if you really want to see warning signs on the dangers of on Radical Islam all you have to do is read the news from Mali

On Jan. 3 they took her to the Islamic tribunal. Just eight days before French President Francois Hollande unilaterally approved a military intervention in Mali on Jan. 11, Salaka was convicted of being caught with a man who was not her husband and sentenced to 95 lashes. It was a severe punishment even by the standards of the Islamists.

They took her to the market at noon on Jan. 4, the same place where she bought the beef for the brochettes she sold and the flour used to make her mother’s flatbread. She recognized the meat sellers. One of them used his phone to record what happened next.

The police made her kneel in a traffic circle. They covered her in a gauze-like shroud. They told her to remove her dress, leaving only the thin fabric to protect her skin from the whip. Curious children jostled for a better view.

What they did to her was witnessed by dozens of people in Timbuktu, and can still be heard on the meat seller’s cell phone.

The executor announced Salaka’s crime and her punishment. Then he began flogging her with a switch made from the branch of a tree. Her high-pitched cries are contorted with pain. You can hear the slap of the whip. You can hear her labored breathing.

They hit her so hard and for so long that at one point she wasn’t sure if the veil had fallen off. She could feel the blood seeping through.

When it was over, they told her that if they ever saw her with a man again, they would kill her.

and then there is Egypt

Criticism of Morsi’s administration has mounted lately after a string of violent sexual assaults on female protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. On Wednesday, an international rights group warned mob-led sexual assaults will only increase if perpetrators are not punished.

Amnesty International said statements from victims show that the assaults follow a “clear pattern” where mobs of men encircle the victims, assault them with weapons and hands and then try to undress them.

Amnesty’s warning followed a statement from the U.N. human rights office, which last week said that about 25 women were reportedly sexually assaulted – in some cases with extraordinary violence – in Tahrir Square during recent demonstrations against Morsi.

The square witnessed a number of assaults against women – both protesters and journalists – in the aftermath of the uprising. Women have been stripped, groped and raped at demonstrations there.

Well you can’t blame them, after all here is what the clerics are saying:

Mohamed ElBaradei was responding to well-known ultraconservative cleric Mahmoud Shaaban, who said in a TV show last week that the opposition should be punished by death for seeking to bring down a leader who has been elected by the public.

“God’s verdict is death,” he said amid a new wave of protests against Islamist President Mohammed Morsi.

The fatwa, or religious edict, followed another one by hard-line cleric Magdi Ghoneim who said: “I publicly incite to kill the thugs, criminals, thieves, and those who burn the country and kill the innocents.”

Hey if the clerics say it’s all right then who is the government to say otherwise and after all as Yusuf Qaradawi, leader of the global Muslim Brotherhood has said on Camera:

But it’s not as if stuff like this is happening in the west like England…

In East London, a group under the name of “Muslim Patrol” have been posting YouTube videos showing them patrolling the streets of predominantly Muslim neighbourhoods and harassing people who they think are not conforming to Muslim law, the moral code and religious law of Islam.

That report comes from that unreliable right wing site known as Al-Jazeera. You know the folks Al Gore sold Current TV to.

Some people are worried:

“The Muslim patrols could become a lot more dangerous and, perhaps willing to maim or kill if they are joined by battle-hardened jihadis.”

Not only Britain, but some other European countries with Muslim populations – including Denmark and Spain – have witnessed a similar rise of home-grown Islamic street militants and thugs.

“Something very worrying is spreading across Europe. Fascists and Islamist extremists alike are copying what Hitler’s Brownshirts excelled at — enforcing with threats and violence their version of the law in neighborhoods,” Nawaz wrote.

“I fear that the Muslim patrols are a sign of things to come. … The longer we stand by and watch the far Right and Islamists impose their dogma on our streets, the more the extremes will become mainstream for a rising new generation.”

those are not the words of Robert Spencer, they are the words of Maajid Nawaz, a moderate Muslim in charge of a think tank advocating against extremism.

The Globe might be able to keep Mr. Spencer out of the Catholic Men Conference, but it will be hard pressed to keep these incidents out of the news, particularly as they become more common.

Radical Islam is coming, we can deal with it now, or we can ignore it.

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