Last in your medical class? Maybe Late Term Abortionist is the Job for YOU!

Dr. Graves: My dear Doctors it is indeed a pleasure to welcome you here at the beginning of your practice.  This letter states that in this group that there are three of you who are not overly bright but were graduated because had been in the senior class, too many years. Your identity I will keep secret and will disclose to no one on one condition, that you try hard and forever devote your lives to the glorious cause of duty and Humanity!

Moe, Larry & Curley:
We Will!

The Three Stooges Men in Black 1934

One of the oldest jokes in the book goes like this:

What do you call the person who finishes last in his class in medical school?


That’s still true but if you are a dunce of a doctor today is a tough time for you.  With malpractice laws and insurance these days and the plethora of media not to mention a litigious society a doctor who is prone to making mistakes would seem to have dim prospects..

But if you are not inclined toward duty and humanity Robert Stacy McCain and Jeff Quinton report there IS an option for you:  Late Term Abortionist in Maryland!

Why, because if you accidentally kill somebody nobody will notice:

Dr. LeRoy Carhart is one of America’s most notorious abortionists. He specializes in late-term abortion and, unless you actually know what’s involved in it, you cannot possibly imagine what a gruesome atrocity the bland phrase “late-term abortion” describes. Now, according to a report by Operation Rescue, a 29-year-old woman has died after Carhart performed such an atrocity at a Maryland clinic:

Now you would think that a woman dead by one of the most notorious doctors in the country might be newsworthy.  Stacy McCain certainly thought so:

Carhart is a celebrity of the pro-abortion movement. Described as “one of the few doctors in the U.S. to openly perform late-term abortions,” Carhart was an associate of Dr. George Tiller, who was assassinated in 2009. Michael Martelli of the Maryland Coalition for Life notes that Carhart “was hailed as a ‘hero’ in the film ‘After Tiller’ at the recent Sundance Film Festival.” Now that a 29-year-old woman has reportedly died as a result of Carhart’s butchery, however, it seems that no major news organization considers him newsworthy.

Neither the Washington Post nor the Baltimore Sun has yet reported on this woman’s death in Maryland, despite the fact that there was an 11 a.m. press conference today in front of the Germantown clinic. The story is also being ignored by the Associated Press, USA Today, the New York Times, and television news networks. As of 1:30 p.m. Friday, the largest organizations reporting the story were WorldNetDaily and

However the rest of the media would seem to disagree.  That’s should be reassuring to every quack and slacker in the country.  Even better if anyone in the media does bother to catch up and do the story, it will be Saturday in the metro section on the day of the biggest blizzard in 30 years. McCain again:

OK, it’s only a 350-word item in the Metro section, but it’s something. Still nothing from the Baltimore Sun, the New York Times, USA Today or the Associated Press, but at least now one major news organization has grudgingly acknowledged that a 29-year-old woman has died after being treated at the clinic where “Doctor Death” was willing to perform an abortion in the 33rd week of pregnancy.

Yes, I said the 33rd week – eight months pregnant — which is actually legal in Maryland.

So if YOU are at the bottom of your medical class and worried that you can’t find any kind of practice, Maryland wants YOU to perform late-term abortions. And if you screw up, don’t worry, just think. if the MSM will bend over backwards to avoid reporting on the death of a 29-year-old woman from a botched abortion by a notorious physician, you should have no trouble covering up almost any mistake or injury you inflict on any woman.

One caveat, Doctors who have decided to devote their lives to the glorious cause of Duty & Humanity need not apply.