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Today I stopped by one of my older advertisers Little’s floor covering in Fitchburg. The owner’s daughter was there working on the book while holding new child. I mentioned that perhaps some day she would be at the same desk doing the book for the family business. Her mom said she hoped for something better.

The more I think about it, the more I’m coming to the conclusion that for an example of freedom, you can’t do much better than a small business.

A citizen through his time and efforts creates the means to support himself and his family though hard work. If the work is done with quality, he thrives, grows and provides the means for others to support themselves and their families. All of this from the sweat of his brow and willingness to work hard, how much he earns, what he achieves how high he lives, all on his own shoulders with. Small business is the very essence and expression of American Freedom.

What hold him back, to some degree fate, to another his competitors chasing the same dream but the biggest anchor are the rules and levies the government can lay upon him.

So when you see (via hotair) a story like this

Minneapolis is the fourth-largest printing center in the U.S., according to Printing Industry Midwest, a trade association. Bolger said he’s fine with paying higher personal income taxes.

But he said his Bolger Printing company had to shed more than 100 of his 320 jobs because of the recession, and “I never want to go through that again” if he starts losing jobs to lower cost competitors.

“I’m a 58-year-old Minnesota boy. Wisconsin is probably not in my future,” Bolger said. “But I would have to shrink employees, decent middle class jobs. I thought that’s what this is about.”

…don’t be surprised. The state can’t control people who are not dependent on them and nothing makes a person more independent than running your own business.

People say liberals/progressives raise taxes for the common good and any harm to small business is incidental, accidental or for the greater good.

I disagree, to the liberal/socialist/progressive/Marxist the state is all, only its power can bring the utopia they believe in. The independent small businessman on his own, stands in his way both as a source of revenue for their foes, and as an example of what a person might be able to be outside of the states protective blanket.

That example given by the small businessman crystallizes the left’s greatest fear and that’s why, protestations not withstanding by progressives, they must see him destroyed.

Agrippinilla: I shan’t be a cipher I’ll tell you that. If you give me power, I shall use it.

Why else do I think I’m giving it to you?

I Claudius 1976

Yesterday the Senate tried to advance Chuck Hagel nomination but failed to get the 60 votes to bring his nomination to the floor.

Harry Reid immediately went to the floor to say how it demonstrates how horrible the GOP is, almost instantly sock puppet accounts appeared deploring the entire republican party on twitter, the White House attacked. Even before the vote Chris Matthews was calling Ted Cruz “The Next Joe McCarthy“.

Given this large amount of censure & opprobrium that the left and the media is throwing at the GOP there is only one thing that should be done.


I’ve been saying this over and over again it doesn’t matter how often you try to appease them, if you are a republican the media is not your friend.

They will treat you nice as long as it suits their purpose, (supporting liberalism and defeating conservatism) but when you are no longer useful things change (as Jon Huntsman didn’t learn).

The 45 GOP senators serving were elected in their respective states. The people have given them office, and the rules of the Senate gives them power. They should use it.

If no matter what you do the Media is going to attack you the best thing to do is WIN, better to have them complain about your victories rather than praise you in defeat. Be Newt Gingrich, not Bob Michael.