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who are out in the trenches every day.

Catherine works full-time AND speaks to tea party groups on the Constitution Rand Paul and men like him are important but it’s the Catherine Whites of the world that make the difference in the long-term.

Potter: But if you haven’t spent all of this year’s budget why send the surplus back to Washington?

D’Angelo: Number #1 Washington loves to get money, they’re always giving it away, you send a bureaucrat back there a check he’ll spin in his chair for an hour.

After Mash 1983

Right now Washington is going nuts over the idea of sequestration. How on earth are people going to function with a reduction in the increase in spending that they had counted on? Particularly when you’ve got people like Rand Paul insisting that sequestration is a drop in the bucket.

On the subject of sequestration, the Kentucky Republican makes the case that these defense cuts amount to a drop in the bucket. “Sequestration was $1.2 trillion over 10 years. And we will be adding $9 trillion over 10 years [in more spending]. Instead of spending 45 trillion over ten years we’ll spend 44 trillion,” Paul said.

Oh Yeah, YEAH? That’s big talk when that 2-3% is coming from someone else’s increase. I’d like to see if Rand Paul can do with less money than he expects.

At a press conference on Wednesday in Louisville, Sen. Rand Paul announced that he will be returning $600,000 to the United States Treasury, money unspent from his official operating budget.

The total amount being returned is more than 20 percent of Sen. Paul’s original office budget.

20% Cut! An actual cut, er…ah…well… it’s a stunt! Anybody can do it for ONE Year. It’s not like He’s been doing it every year so something:

Freshman Sen. Rand Paul is making good on his promise to cut federal spending. The Kentucky Republican and tea-party favorite said Thursday he’s returning $500,000 to the U.S. Treasury — money from his operating budget that his office never spent.

That story is dated January 12th 2012.

That’s 1.1 million returned over two years.

There is nothing more dangerous to a false meme than an example contrary to it.

I’m sure the MSM would LOVE to cover this deeper, but Marco Rubio was seen near a bubbler and MSNBC & CNN only has so many resources to spare.

Update: Smitty has a bit of spare time to cover it.

My name is Dr Leonard Hofstadter and I could never please my parents so I need to get all my self-esteem from strangers like you. (pointing at Sheldon) But he’s worse!

The Big Bang Theory: The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization 2008

One of the things that I’m asked an awful lot by people is: “How could the country have re-elected Barack Obama after the last four years.” One of the answers I invariably give is this:

“It took Pharaoh 10 plagues to let Moses people go, perhaps it will take 8 years of Obama for the public to figure it out.”

With gas prices on the rise daily and things continuing to tank you wonder just how much longer will it take for people and business to finally say “Enough!”

I told Michael Graham that the president has no incentive to try to change or improve after all he won election as things were but I suspect there is another plan in mind. The Obama/Hofstadter gambit illustrated by this story stories like this out of France.

Let’s set the stage, Goodyear owns a pair of Tire factories they want to dump in the city of Amines (remembered for the less than successful Treaty of Amines a tiny bit of peace between England & France during the Napoleonic Wars” 1200 jobs are on the line and the only bidder was a self made US Tire & Wheel tycoon named Morrie Taylor. But when Mr. Taylor commented on the lack of productivity it resulted in the following exchange :

“This is the French way.” Mr. Taylor told us over the phone that he responded, “Sitting in a cafe is also the French way, and that’s what you’ll be doing soon” if this plant closes.

Mr. Taylor also said that the union bosses told him, “You have to do what we tell you, or we won’t let you buy it [the factory.]”

“So I told them, you guys go bag it,”

Now when the American with the money walked away this was a problem for the French Socialist government, the unions are their backers and the loss of union jobs means the loss of pay for voters. The French Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg tried to intervene offering to broker a fair deal. Taylor’s response was classic

“Sir,” he wrote, “your letter states that you want Titan to start a discussion. How stupid do you think we are? Titan is the one with the money and the talent to produce tires. What does the crazy union have? It has the French government.”

This is Barack Obama’s card, the same one evidenced by Leonard’s speech in the episode, The US economy might be in shambles, our debt might be overwhelming and our unions might be choking cities like Detroit, but France and Europe is SO MUCH WORSE.

Well that will be true as there is a Texas and a bunch of Republican Governors to offer other alternatives anyways.

One final note. Check out the comments in the original French paper, (you will need to translate them) While the MSM & European papers are going the full Captain Renault the readers in France seem impressed by the truth told to their faces.

Maybe there’s hope for them yet!

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