How Stupid do you think we are? Mark Kelly & Guns edition

Penny: Well, go ask Leonard.

Sheldon: I did. He said, and I quote, ask Penny, it was her cockamamie idea.

Penny: Leonard said cockamamie?

Sheldon: Actually, I’m paraphrasing. Having been raised in a Christian household, I’m uncomfortable with the language he used. And to be honest, I’m not entirely comfortable with cockamamie.

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A congressman’s first duty is to get re-elected

Sam Rayburn

I didn’t spend much time on the net on Easter Sunday. I had dinner to cook, a house to clean and almost as important a Doctor Who 3rd Doctor special to watch.

But as I missed the first few minutes of Doctor Who yesterday I put on the set after spending much too much time playing Civ V last night to catch the first few minutes of Doctor Who on demand, but as I quickly surfed to avoid the cleanup that must be done I quickly checked Fox News someday in time to see Mark Kelly the husband of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

Kelly was asked about Rand Paul and Marco Rubio talking about filibustering guns bills and Kelly started quoting figures about how overwhelming the support for his position is, over 80 or 90% in each district suggesting they are not listening to their voters.

I’m sorry Mr. Kelly but don’t try to play me for a fool.

There are a lot of basic facts in life that are not in dispute, and one of the most solid facts is people who run for political office are interested in being re-elected.

When I hear Mr. Kelly make these assertions he is mimicking the canard on Obamacare.

The left and the media spoke about how it was SO popular, the country so behind it  yet democrats with an overwhelming majority had to be dragged screaming and kicking to vote for it and the ones who did in anything resembling a swing district went down in flames

If this was so popular the congress would have passed it and congressmen would be boasting about it on their web sites.

Instead we see donors threatening to withhold funds.

Instead we see the media playing full court press to move the public

Instead we see Mike Bloomberg spending millions to try to beat pro-gun pols

and finally we see Liberals so desperate to get the gun control they have wanted to have for so many years suddenly going from “money in politics & citizen’s united bad” to Yay Bloomberg.

That really tells the story

Kelly, Bloomberg et/al are not putting in this effort because this is a political winner, they are doing it because they KNOW it is a loser and have to resort to this kind of propaganda to fool people into thinking it is.

I don’t mind Mark Kelly has an agenda, all kinds of people have agendas.

I don’t mind that he’s pushing an agenda that I disagree with, it’s a free country and trying to persuade people to go along is how a republic works.

I don’t even mind that he’s pushing an agenda on the entire nation based on a personal shock. That happens to people and I’m not going to critique him on it.

But I’ll be damned if I’m going to let him insult my intelligence and all of yours to do it, period!

Update: Linked by Nice Deb who is if you don’t know also at Breitbart these days at the Conversation.


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