….It’s a Trap! Lets look at those Obama figures adjusted for inflation edition.

In my first post today I talked about how the Obama administration low year of spending in 2010. A level of spending that apparently was so low that it is draconian compared to today. I also pointed out the difference between the size of Obama’s low figure and Bush’s low figure is more than the entire amount of money spent by Bill Clinton in 1995.

“But DaTechGuy”, I can hear our friends on the left say. “You didn’t adjust those Bush/Clinton era figures for inflation.”

You’re right I didn’t. And that was on purpose. Why? It was a trap for laid out for our friends on the left, hoping they would question the figures in question. So let’s make those necessary adjustments.

if we take the Bush Era spending of 2001 and adjust that for inflation to 2010 we get a new figure to compare with the current president’s spending


So taking that figure instead of the unadjusted one and compare it to the Obama spending of 2010, the lowest spending of the Obama years of $3,456 Billion the difference is figure the difference is $1,160 BILLION dollars.  The Bush number is a mere 66.4% of the Obama spending.

This means the Obama spending of 2010 is an increase in spending AFTER INFLATION vs George Bush in 2001 of over 50%.

And that’s the LOW year of the Barack Obama years with a democrat congress and a democrat president.

If you are 20-30 years old, you are old enough to remember 2001. Tell me, is the Government 50% better than it was in 2001, Is your family doing better 50% better than it was in 2001 and think about this. Is spending 50% more that we did in 2001 really so draconian that it is a giant cut that people can’t survive with?

Answer that question honestly and then tell me just how draconian and how heartless the GOP budget plans are compared to the White House.


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