Who knew Barack Obama & Democrats were such skinflints in 2010?

There is a lot of talk about the free spending of Barack Obama but apparently if you look at the numbers you will be surprised to find out just how miserly our current president has treated our funds.

Under George W. Bush who never met a spending Bill he didn’t like, who was actively fighting two wars the highest amount the federal government spent was 2982.5 Billion dollars in 2008. The lowest was $1.862.9 in 2001

Under Barack Obama The Federal government spent a low of $3.456 Billion in 2010 and a high of $3.456 Billion in 2010 in actual dollars. In terms of budgets the high proposed in 2013 is $3,803 Billion dollars.

The LOW figure for the Obama years $3,456 Billion is $474 Billion higher than the biggest Bush Budget and $1,544 Billion Greater that the lowest amount George W Bush spent as president.

To put that in perspective $1,544 Billion is more than the entire amount of money the federal government spent in 1995 under Bill Clinton.

So in 2010 Barack Obama low year for spending, the Federal Government spent more money than George Bush in his first year and Bill Clinton in his third year COMBINED.

And just a reminder 2010 spending took place under a congress fully controlled by Democrats.

And yet that spending is a full 9% less the spending we are talking about today. Four times the size of the sequestration cuts in terms of percentage.


WHO KNEW Barack Obama was such a skinflint in 2010

WHO KNEW Barack Obama was so Scrooge like he would dare have run a federal government with 9% less spending than today.

WHO KNEW Democrats in the congress of 2010 were so cheep that they would not fund the government at the levels they find so necessary today?


And who KNEW that under Bill Clinton in 1995 people & George Bush in 2001 that people were starving in the streets, mind you I don’t remember this happening but it must have been so because in those years spending was so paltry how could human beings live?

If I was the GOP I would make this case every day of the week and twice on the Sunday shows.

Update:  Those decimal points were in fact commas, corrected also there is a follow up post coming at noon that you don’t want to miss.


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