Honor your Oath Rally Concord NH

Yesterday I attended and Broadcast live from the Honor Your Oath Rally at the State Capital in Concord NH

Rally etc 025

The rally was from 1-3 PM as my show begins at Noon I got there early and ran a few interviews

My Favorite sign

Rally etc 044

There were also a few vendors of various types. I talked with NH for Israel (unfortunately my camera died during my first attempt and the data didn’t save).

During a pause in the show I panned the crowd

The amazing thing was how the crowd kept growing as the day went on the final number was about 600 which for Concord the day after snow was pretty good.

Rally etc 048

I shared a space with Granite Grok and they provided me with net connection. Skip Murphy of Grok was also one of the speakers.

Rally etc 031
Our show carried many of the speeches live and talked to some of the speakers afterwards both pols.

And activists

Radio host Jeff Chidester was the MC and spoke to me at the end.

Unlike most rallies on Tax Weekend this one focused on the 2nd Amendment and the Oaths people take in office noting that those oaths specify the Constitution. It’s an important take because if you surrender one constitutional right, it becomes easy to remove others

The Granite State Patriots Liberty Pac ran the event and holds semi regular rallies there. I’m reliably informed that I’ll be invited back. The Gallery follows


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