The Case for Term Limits Part 3 The Necessity

James Madison:  If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.

Federalist #51 1788

4th Doctor:  Tremas, we must stop Kassia becoming the Keeper, and for that we need the master plans.

Tremas: But I swore an oath, Doctor.

4th Doctor: Well of course you swore an oath! Now you have to choose. Your personal honour against the safety of the whole of Traken.

Nyssa:  Yes, father.

Tremas:  I can’t, Doctor.

4th Doctor:  Well, that’s fine. That’s fine, Tremas. I mean, when this thing has taken over the entire Source you’ll have the consolation of knowing that you kept your honour intact.

Doctor Who:  The Keeper of Traken 1981

I’ve talked about the desire of lobbyists & establishment pols to co-opt tea party type candidates and the desire of said tea party candidates to resist.  It’s thinking about this problem that has made re-evaluate my position

I’ve always been against Term Limits based on three principles:

1. We have terms limits already, they’re called “elections”

2. The people have a right to the person they want

3.  It will empower the Washington lifers.

These are both very solid principles and are worthwhile, but the more I examine the problem I’m afraid I must come to the conclusion that since the goal is the best possible representative government those principles requires a change.

I’ve concluded that the term limits descried in #1 just aren’t effective, the choice in #2 is still in play with such a change and term limits will not empower Washington elites any more than they already are.

Therefore I have decided to achieve the goal I have previously stated it is necessary to implement term limits of some type.

I don’t make this change lightly.  I think it’s a shame that such a change is necessary but one must look at reality, after all it’s a shame I can’t walk down the roughest street in Fitchburg with my wallet hanging out of my pocket at 3 AM without risk of robbery.  In an ideal world that would not be the case but reality doesn’t apply to that wish.

So from this point on let me officially state that I will support term limits and hope that they can be implemented with all speed.