The GOP Senate Candidates Dan Winslow in Leominster

Yesterday the three candidates for the GOP nomination for the senate seat being vacated by John Kerry were scheduled to appear at the Leominster Elks hosted by several local GOP committees

winslow photos 008

When I got there the Winslow folks had their signs at the ready

winslow photos 011

I saw signs inside for Gomez (along with a few Gomez campaign people and some signs for Sullivan (who I endorsed)

winslow photos 014

I was then informed that Mr. Sullivan & Mr. Gomez would not be coming, Mr. Gomez cancellation was last-minute. I talked to a campaign aide and she told his young kids (who were at the finish line in Boston not long before the blast) were still shaken up & he decided to stay with them. No word on Mr. Sullivan.

I recorded the following commentary:

They grabbed a projector but the sound wasn’t transferring well so they decided to just stick with the presentation for Dan Winslow who did show up.

He dived right into the crowd meeting voters

winslow photos 025

One of his supporters talked to me before things started:

Richard Bastien former GOP rep warmed up the crowd

Then Judge Winslow gave a spectacular speech

And answered question

after question

after question

on all kinds of topics

from immigration

to entitlements

He had time for a few quick interview at the end

You can’t help but like this man, he is direct, unapologetic for his views. Even though I had endorsed Sullivan was very friendly and asked for my support and when I had to decline as a Knight of Columbus over his position on life, he said if he can’t have it now he would like it after winning the primary. That will not be a problem as there would at that time be no pro-life candidate in the race.

That kind of persistence is EXACTLY the right way for a candidate to behave.

I’ve got to tell you Dan makes a strong case, has the single best presentation of any of the candidates, expresses pride in being a Republican (a welcome change) and would be a formidable opponent for any democrat in any race. I have absolutely no doubt if he wins the primary he would make a race of it.

He won over several voters in that crowd last night. If he was pro-life he might have won me over too, but I only have one soul.

Here is the gallery, and yes that is Justin wearing my Dr. Who scarf (he’s a fan too)