The Rage of Morning Joe & Media

Watching MSMBC’s Morning Joe You might wonder why there is such sheer ANGER over the failure of Manchin/Toomey

After all gun control is always dicey, the country has shifted over time and for nearly two decades and democrats have been shifting on guns during this entire time in order to win election.

By all logic the loss on this vote should not have elicited any more anger than any other loss on any other vote.

Au Contrare, you don’t realize what is going on.

While the Electoral Vote victory was comfortable Barack Obama won by a very small margin and once the election was done the bad economic news that the media did their best to hide from the public could not be held back.

Yet the media convinced themselves that this was an overwhelming mandate, that Barack Obama had won big and this was all about a great mandate, but how to use this mandate for political goals when the economic consequences of Obamacare was already stalling a weak economy?

Newtown as a godsend to them, not only did it give an excuse for them to avoid the topic of the economy but gun control has always been a wet dream for the left the sheer slaughter and the grief of the parents of so many children gave them what they considered their best opening on Guns.

For three months there was nothing else on the air. Every single day was a concentrated push on gun control, you could not go though a single day on CNN or MSNBC when the topic was not advanced. They screamed that 90% of the voters were behind it which is strange since senators generally go with the voters.

And as Potential Democrat Candidates who governed blue states like Maryland & New York passed new gun laws and even Colorado did the same under pressure from the Vice President (never mind the jobs that fled with them we don’t want THOSE jobs) that drove employers out of their states In states like Colorado Democrats were able to push through laws.

And when Mike Bloomberg was willing to put his millions and billions behind people unwilling to vote their way and Pat Toomey facing a tough fight in PA decided to try to make a deal (and flipped the Bloomberg ads) the media smelled blood. On Monday until noontime they were not only talking about this passing in the senate but were discussing how it would force the house to go along with them.

Then two realities came into play:

1.  Boston

The Boston Marathon Blast took place, 3 dead and almost 200 wounded using a pressure cooker. Not only did it drive the gun debate off the front pages and off the TV screens it highlighted how gun restrictions would have not made the average person safe.

2.  Voters

The constant drum beat that “90% of the country supported this bill” not withstanding the voting public does not and did not support this bill and the activist, the voters who go out and vote, who hold signs bombarded their senators and representatives will calls, e-mails and reminding the members of the senate just who they worked for.  MSNBC & CNN have niche markets but that niche market is not where the votes are

When the vote was lost some of the the more pragmatic members of the left had their “Fox and the Grapes” moment.


But for the media, for Mike Bloomberg, for the White House and for Morning Joe the reaction: OUTRAGE!

Bloomberg was OUTRAGED that for all his money he could not influence or intimidate senators to ignore the voters in their districts.

The White House was OUTRAGED that both the illusion and the reality of their political capital was wasted on a losing fight.

But for the Media their outrage was greater than any. It was the worst of all possible worlds. For the entire Winter the media in general and Morning Joe & MSNBC in particular invested themselves to the degree where there wasn’t even the illusion of unbiased reporting.

And then it failed, and the reality of their actual influence or lack of it came out in full fury.

Morning Joe today is running the Pictures of the senators who voted No under big scary graphics but the reality is the voters who will re-elect those senators who voted against Toomey Manchin don’t watch MSNBC, don’t watch Morning Joe and don’t give a damn what any of those people around that table think.

Morning Joe isn’t angry about the failure of this gun bill, they are angry because they are forced to look in the mirror and realize they just don’t have the power they think they do.


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