Syria: Do or Do NOT

Yoda: Do or do not, there is no try Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 1980 As the Syrian debate advances there has been one common theme among those who want the US to intervene and those who don't. The idea that US troops are NOT to be part of any intervention even John McCain. … Continue reading Syria: Do or Do NOT

Jason Collins clever as a fox

Jason Collins decision to come out as a gay man at the end of his 12th season in the league may be a historic move in terms of US sports but in terms of a Business move, it's VERY smart. Why? The clue comes from two stories, the first from last years Celtics Press Release … Continue reading Jason Collins clever as a fox

Newtown Syria and Red lines

Gloria: Did you know that 65% of the people murdered in the last 10 years were killed by handguns. Archie: Would it make you feel any better little girl is they were pushed out of windows? Gloria: Wow that's convoluted logic Archie: YES and that's the type of straight thinking I'm trying to put across … Continue reading Newtown Syria and Red lines