Newtown Syria and Red lines

Gloria: Did you know that 65% of the people murdered in the last 10 years were killed by handguns.

Archie: Would it make you feel any better little girl is they were pushed out of windows?

Gloria: Wow that’s convoluted logic

Archie: YES and that’s the type of straight thinking I’m trying to put across here.

All in the Family, Archie & the Editorial 1972

As I heard everyone talk about Syria and the humanitarian crisis there the debate has turned to a Casus Belli and everyone’s favorite Casus Belli is Chemical weapons.

All over the Sunday Talk shows the subject was the Red Line and chemical weapons. Has Syria crossed the line? Is there actual proof of Chemical Weapons use? Was this just a test case? etc etc etc.

And part of that argument is the idea of Assad using said weapons against his own people.

This seems to be not only the weakest part of the argument but the least persuasive as John McCain put it.

McCain, one of the most outspoken lawmakers on Syria, said Sunday that it should not matter whether Assad used chemical weapons. Even if they had not been used, McCain argued, Assad’s forces have committed atrocities already and killed tens of thousands.

Tens of thousands of Syrians dead, NBD, Syrians killed by Chemical Weapons, now we have a problem.

Other than to McCain the and a few others these dead bodies are of little consequence. That these people are slaughtered means little provided they didn’t die in a way that we object to, and that objection concerning Chemical Weapons or more accuracy the credibility of Barack Obama.

While people like John McCain consider the actual slaughter in Syria the problem that needs to be solved the it’s the political equation that matters to others. Just as Newtown and the gun debate the actual problem (kids shot dead) in Newtown isn’t the issue, it’s about APPEARING that something has been done to the point where the voter is satisfied that what needs to be done has been done.

Who cares if the legislation would have saved the NewTown kids or not?  Who care if intervention in Syria is (or is not) in the best interests of the US or if tens of thousands are killed in a civil war to overthrow a ruthless dictator? It’s all about the voters believing that something has been done, even if that something is just setting a red line.

As long as that objective is met nothing else matters.  Certainly not a lot of dead Syrians.

Update: Stacy McCain reports that mission is not going well:

Ed Morrissey rounds up the latest Syria news and weighs the options for the administration, but as I explained yesterday, there are no good options in Syria, unless you count as “good” the likelihood that Obama will suffer further disastrous embarrassments.

I’m sure such embarrassments will play no role in his decision.

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