Canada: Police against Free Speech

This sounds a tad odd: Toronto Police won’t say how they’ll handle an anti-Islamist firebrand set to give a speech in the city — after police in Thornhill forced a rabbi to cancel her scheduled talk at a synagogue there. Pamela Geller, a controversial speaker best known for protesting a planned mosque near Ground Zero … Continue reading Canada: Police against Free Speech

Subscriber Tease: Half Assed Commentary

This week's commentary uses an expression my father often expressed: "Half Assed Job: The full commentary is better called a Half Assad Commentary, you can view it here but you'll near the password two ways to get it simply hit DaTipJar for any amount and I'll send you the code as soon as I see … Continue reading Subscriber Tease: Half Assed Commentary

The (Not) Good Liberal Wife

The Story of the liberal activist who faked Rape threats about herself: A well-known female liberal blogger and radio host at the University of Wyoming (UW) is being accused by police of fabricating a rape threat against herself to appear as if it came from a conservative. The obscene message directed at activist Meg Lanker-Simons … Continue reading The (Not) Good Liberal Wife