Never let a Scandal go to Waste, Even Benghazi

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Yesterday we talked about how the IRS scandal is much more dangerous to the Administration, a scandal so easy to understand that even a low information Obama voter can get it.

Now that the scandal is getting worse and worse something has to be done, not only to keep the MSM from digging but to keep conservative blogs for digging.

Remember conservative bloggers likely know local tea party members who have dealt with the IRS.  Each one of them is in a position to put actual faces to these people and these individual organizations.

While that stuff is unlikely to produce additional national stories directly,  they have the potential to create local stories that would become more significant as the scandal grows.

If I’m in charge of the political operation of the White House, I need to change the subject and it doesn’t matter what I change the subject to.

And that’s where Benghazi can suddenly go from a liability, to an asset.

If I was the political man at the White House, I’d set up a faux whistle-blower and every time the Tax Story started to move I’d leak something on Benghazi, or Syria.  I’d make sure it got itself to Breitbart and the right blogs to make sure the lower level bloggers pounced.

While the dam has broken on Benghazi, the right has been so hungry for this kind of hing any kind of new story, even if it is just spin on how people inside the White House feel, would create a feeding frenzy.

In fact leaks on “feelings” & “worries” would be the best thing.  Such things are huge political stories so bloggers etc would really want to go all in, but they wouldn’t constitution anything that would hurt legally.

That’s why the President’s statement about Benghazi being a “Sideshow” and his emotion on it is important.  The idea is to keep the story off the of the IRS side of the show.  If they fail at this task, this administration is in danger.

Never let a crisis go to waste, even if it is one involving you.

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Update 2:  Two practical examples.  Yesterday I got a call from the Lowell Sun asking for my input on the scandal.  I’ve been on the air for 3 years and it’s the first time the paper called because of my knowledge of the tea party in Massachusetts.

And Robert Stacy McCain has this at Viral read:

The Internal Revenue Service’s admission that it deliberately targeted the non-profit applications of Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny was no surprise to Diane Belsom, whose small South Carolina organization has waited nearly three years for approval of its federal 501(c)4 status. The homeschooling mom says the unexplained delays and intrusive requests for additional information — apparently aimed at discouraging activists opposed to the Obama administration’s policies by wasting their time and money — were a common experience for those dealing with the IRS.

Here is the money quote:

“The crazy thing is, we’re a really small group,” Belsom told ViralRead in a telephone interview Tuesday, estimating average attendance at the Laurens County Tea Party’s monthly meetings at between 40 and 50 people.

“We don’t have a lot of money,” she said, describing what she called “insane” hassles from the IRS. “It’s just harassment. It’s not like they’re going to get a lot of money out of us.”

It’s only crazy if the goal was money.

I submit and suggest you can find this story repeated in every state of the union on the same scale.

That’s why the subject has to be changed at once.

Update: Even more

By the way, does anyone remember what the Obama administration thinks about the effort to fight voter fraud? And now we have evidence that the IRS targeted groups that want to pursue more stringent processes to prevent voter fraud. What a coincidence this must be. How … convenient.

It’s only going to get worse.


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