The Great MSM-Journolist IQ Test

Younger Bear: You and I are even at last. I paid you the life I owe you. And the next time we meet, I can kill you without becoming an evil person.

Little Big Man 1970

As the IRS scandal continues to grow the most interesting thing to watch will be not the Administration but the media.

Why because this scandal is the greatest test of IQ that the liberal media has ever had.

To the most partisan and the most foolish the instinct is going to be dismiss or downplay the entire IRS mess  as quickly as possible.  The reflexive response of the MSM will be defend, defend defend defend OR change the subject to the political costs.

That would be satisfying, normal…and very stupid.

If you are a member of the MSM who wants the left to win (that would be all of them)  dismissing & downplaying the IRS scandal is exactly the wrong thing to do.

This scandal has more potential to devastate the left than anything else they could do because it’s a scandal involving a fear all American share.

The only way to stop this is to get it over with quickly hit hit hard and sharp with some result.

If I’m part of the Journolist-MSM I would be condemning this.  I would be calling for a full investigation,  and perhaps even calling for a select Senate Committee and I’d make sure I demand the president fire some people STAT.  Best case scenario some heads roll quickly, they don’t talk and the President gets credit for action and you get credit in calling for it.

Worst case scenario the White House stonewalls figuring unlike 1972 a media that hates the GOP & the Tea Party will not push against them so you string things along until the GOP makes a mistake, then you pounce using the moral authority that your early critique gives you:  “I’ve been hitting this administration on the IRS from day one but THIS move by the GOP to <insert dumb mistake here>  is beyond the pale.” That allows you to pivot with a clear conscience.

Democrats in Massachusetts including Ed Markey in a fight for a senate seat vs Gabe Gomez have figured this out will the press?