College kids of Foreign Origin Trespassing at Boston Water Supply

Today I talked to Trooper Todd Nola of the Massachusetts State Police concerning the interesting “trespassing” incident at the Quabbin Reservoir.

It seems that a group of college age students were found trespassing at the water supply for Boston.

The college age students were not arrested, but briefly detained and released

In our conversation Trooper Tobin pointed out the size of the Quabbin and it’s proximity to several colleges that it would not at all be shocking that a group of student might be found near there.

To his knowledge this was being treated at this time as a simple trespassing case, the names of the students in question will not be released until the actual court summons for Trespassing are issued.

It would be considered a District rather than a superior court matter.

Interestingly enough the media officer was not aware of any FBI involvement as reported by the Globe saying my mentioning of the matter was the first he heard of any FBI involvement.

Here is the Globe story

Massachusetts state police say they and the FBI are investigating a trespassing incident at the Quabbin Reservoir but have no evidence of terrorism.

The central Massachusetts reservoir supplies drinking water to Boston.

Why would Terrorism even be suspected?

Procopio said they are from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Singapore with addresses in Amherst, Cambridge, Sunderland and Northampton, and New York City.

And the explanation for being there at 12:30 AM?

The men told police they are recently graduated chemical engineers curious about the reservoir.

The Globe doesn’t report any statement from the two women

Trooper Nolan didn’t suggest it was normal procedure for the FBI to be informed or involved in such trespassing incidents.

I am waiting to hear back from the FBI’s Boston Media Coordinator on the subject of when and why the FBI is involved.

As I don’t want to risk giving some of our liberal friends the vapors I’ll close saying. It’s interesting that such a diverse group of people from different cities, states and countries were found by the water supply for Boston at this time..interesting.

I wonder if their religious backgrounds are just as diverse?

Update; Just had a very pleasant conversation with the FBI out of Boston. I’m informed that it is routine for them to be notified if anything happens in the vicinity of “critical infrastructure”. I asked how often “routine” means and while not given a quantity I was told it happens often enough that will is considered “routine”.

Some blog accounts have already identified the suspects religion, at this time the FBI could not confirm this at this present time nor are at this facing charges beyond trespassing but I will be informed if either of these situations change.

When I know more so will you.