Hello, I’m DaTechGuy, and I’m a geek

Today is one of those days that remind me exactly how much of a geek I am.

I spent my time on the road visiting exiting and potential customers as always I was wearing my hat, as usually I had my toe shoes, but today I had the Doctor Who Scarf that was gifted to me by a regular reader.

As I went place to place in a 12 foot long multi colored scarf in 80+ degree weather the reaction was almost universally “How can you wear that scarf on a day like this”?

The solitary exception? The comic book store where the reaction was “Cool Dr. Who Scarf!”

Because Dr. Who is so much a part of the culture of England If I was in London rather than Massachusetts people would likely have not said boo, but here in America if I ever doubted I was at 50 still a geek at heart, today confirmed it.

I didn’t care, I’ve wanted a Doctor Who scarf since I was 13 years old, I’ve been positively glowing and within two months two different friends gave me one, a six-foot mini version from one and the twelve-foot full version (well full season 12 version anyways) afterwards and as far as I’m concerned that Scarf is now as much a part of my meme as the Hat & shoes.

I recently turned fifty and if there is one thing I’ve learned in five decades is to enjoy the small things without worrying what others think.

Update: Of course other people have different definitions of fun than I do