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One of the things we have seen with the Kaitlyn Hunt case that has really struck me is how the gay rights movement has been used as suckers by her family.

As more and more facts continue to come out and the reactions of Ms. Hunt’s defenders become more vitriolic to the point where her father is making copyright claims on her pictures ,any assertion by any person not 100% behind gay marriage is to be ignored and if you are in fact Gay and don’t support Kate Hunt you become an unperson:

A gay couple on the Treasure Coast is afraid to show their faces because they say they’ve been attacked personally for their opinions opposing Kaitlyn Hunt. They fear backlash from the “Free Kate” campaign that is 52,000 members strong on Facebook as of Tuesday night.

“I’ve already been vilified for my opinion on social media.”

But this isn’t a low profile gay couple, up until a few days ago, both men held high ranking positions in a Treasure Coast LGBT advocacy group.

It all seems like something  is happening that I warned the Gay Community about back in September of last year.

That post concerned this article at Gawker on normalizing pedophilia.  The arguments  looked really familiar to me.

As you know I’m an opponent of Gay Marriage and would support a constitutional amendment to define marriage as one man one woman, but I’ll tell you this, if I was a supporter of Gay Marriage with even the slightest knowledge of the history of the Gay Movement and I read the arguments in the Gawker article (you can almost hear the cry of “Bigot” to those would disagree with the author) I wouldn’t just be insulted, I’d be furious.

I suggested the gay movement get in front of this business fast to head it off and not be associated with such a movement but as the game plan of the #freekate people becomes more plain it seems exactly the opposite is going on.  We are starting to see people using this as a “bigotry litmus test” and no amount of information to the contrary will be accepted.

This is already a trap that apparently with the exception of a few people such as Joan McCarter the left and their media allies foolishly didn’t avoid as Stacy McCain put it:

“To say that liberal media coverage of Hunt has been ‘favorable’ is to say that the Sistine Chapel ceiling depicts a favorable image of God.”

And that’s really what it’s about, y’know? Who gives a crap about a commonplace criminal procedure in Indian River County, Florida?

But the media said everybody should care about it: The Today show actually portrayed an accused sex offender as a sympathetic victim!

What was the name of the producer who approved that, huh? I would like that person to explain the half-assed background research that led them to believe that Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt (Booking #2013-00000708) was a plausible civil-rights martyr.

and that support isn’t confined to media

That kind of high-powered public-relations blitz is not cheap and does not happen by accident. Hunt’s supporters include the American Civil Liberties Union and the gay-rights group Equality Florida — the latter organization led by Nadine Smith, who met privately with President Obama two years ago — as well as the 501(c)3 non-profit Purpose Foundation, which receives funding through such philanthropic giants as the Ford Foundation.

And if these traps weren’t bad enough, with  June 1st coming the #FreeKate movement is in a position to set the biggest trap of all under 100 miles and 100 minutes away from the School where it all took place.

For those of you who don’t know June 1st annually is Gay Day at Disney World Florida and apparently has been for over two decades:

“Homosexuals will be celebrating the 23rd anniversary of Gay Day wearing matching Gay Day merchandise, such as T-shirts,” the One Million Moms website reads. “There will also be transvestites dressed in drag showing their support for the event.”

And for those who think it’s just a day where Gay people can enjoy the park in solidarity it appears it might be a little more …interesting:

I can’t help but think of, and feel sorry for – the unsuspecting family who saved for years for a once in a lifetime trip – only to arrive and find that Disney had in fact, been invaded by he-women and shaved down muscle boys. By itself that would not be a problem, but the sheer number of people who seem to go out of their way to rub their sexuality in everyones face during this ‘event’ is nothing short of disgraceful…

… I don’t like it when I hear pompous windbags telling me I’m going to burn in hell for being gay, and I’m sure most of the free world would appreciate a visit to Disney World that did not include the vision of grown men in go-go shorts, and ads for lubricant prominently displayed throughout the host hotel. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of ‘image’ at the host hotel (this year it was the Sheraton World on International Drive)– the line of beer trucks outside the resort was a nice touch, and the liquor kiosks and condom ads every 5 feet will certainly not further the image of us as a bunch of drunken sex fiends.

our proudly gay 42 year old man goes on.

It is widely known throughout the gay community in Orlando that if you want good drugs and great sex, the first week of June is a great time to visit. So much so, that the Orange County Sheriff’s office found it necessary to station deputies and drug sniffing dogs in the lobby of the host hotel. And before the oppression chorus starts warming up, just get real – we all know that it goes on in droves during gay week – and it’s not ‘oppression’ if it’s justified. I don’t mean to imply that every person attending gay days is a drug crazed lunatic – the vast majority are not – but no one in the gay community can deny how pervasive this problem is, and the problem travels with us.

Now given that clientele and event and more importantly given this map with Disney under 100 miles and 100 minutes away…

View Larger Map

…I would bet real money that the Hunt family will decide this is the perfect day to pack up the family and head to Disney World.

And therein lies the trap.

The Hunt family’s efforts have been hampered by the release of facts, facts which show not a person persecuted due to sexual orientation but an indulged young lady pursuing a very underage girl after repeated attempts by her parents to warn her off, that story has been slowing getting out online but what if they find an audience that hasn’t heard that side of the story?

Picture it, what do you think will happen if the young Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt and her parents come to Disney world and tell the story of the struggle of their young blond attractive 18-year-old girl who, according to the Media, activists and her supporters is being persecuted by the family of her lover simply because she is a lesbian to the crowd Pete Werner is describing?

They will hoist the entire family on their shoulders, and open up their wallets.

As of the moment of this writing the Free Kate site has raised what, $24,000? You get them down to Disney on June 1st with a smart phone and a credit card reader and it will be the most money a phony blond has raised since Tina Brown talked people into buying Newsweek for her.

It will be great news for the Hunt family, it will be great news for the Free Katie Crowd.

But for the Gay Community that is starting to win more and more votes and arguments the whole Kaitlyn Hunt = Rosa Parks business simply makes them pawns not only in the Hunt’s family quest to avoid any consequences for her daughter but for the same crowd that has looked at the reactions to that Gawker piece with great interest.

You have been warned.

Update This guy nails it:

If the #FreeKate movement wants all LGBT persons to be treated equally, that equality isn’t just limited to legal privileges. Legal responsibilities are just as important, and that includes punishments for the commission of crimes.

In this case, true LGBT equality under the law would ensure Kate sees her day in court.

Does the LGBT movement want equality or power? That is the question and this case will provide the answer.

Yesterday morning the left was simply giddy with delight at the following news:

Minn. Rep. Michele Bachmann says she won’t run for re-election in 2014

While the left has reacted with unmitigated glee with headlines such as:

Bachmann’s Departure Relieves GOP Headache

They seem to be asserting a whole lot of facts that are more spin than reality. Let’s knock a few of the down:

1. Michelle Bachmann couldn’t win in 2014:

A year ago at this time the left was giddy with the possibility of Michelle Bachmann’s defeat:

Representative Michele Bachmann Struggles For Re-Election

Will Michele Bachmann Lose Re-Election? New Poll Shows Slim Lead Over Democrat Jim Graves

Yet in a year where she spent considerable time running for president, a year when the Tea Party did not do well, where Barack Obama won re-election and the GOP lost seats in the house, Michelle Bachmann managed to beat a self funded millionaire  dashing the hopes of leftists all over the country.

Six months later scandal after scandal after scandal in the Obama Administration have energized the Tea Party base while people like Eric Holder struggle to keep their positions.

Yeah 2014 is going to be a REALLY tough environment for Tea Party candidates, let alone Michelle Bachmann compared to 2012.

2. Michelle Bachmann’s Scandals are going to strike any day now..

For many months we’re heard about Bachmann “scandals” that have been ready to break .

With a left dying to beat her and a media scoffing at and hating her it would be only a matter of time before the chickens would come home to roost.


You have an IRS that was leaking tax information to the left, you have an AG going after Fox news reporters and their families, you had a press united in their disdain for the congresswoman and you think if there was some there there we would not have seen some actual meat out there?

When I hear the left talk about Bachmann in this way I can’t help but remember the press’ feeding frenzy on the impending arrival of Fitzmas.

What? You don’t remember Fitmas? I’m not surprised, even Wikipedia removed its entry redirecting it. It was a blue day for the left


and who can forget this image from Memeorandum from just two years ago
fitzmas 2
At the time I predicted the left would get “all Fitzmasy” over this and be disappointed, they were.

They say you can indict an ham sandwich. When you show me the indictments on Michelle Bachmann then I’ll buy the scandal story.

3. She’s irrelevant:

I’ve seen a lot of variants on this BS of them there is only one that actually makes some sense:

“The reality also set in that she is not a favorite of Republican leadership, so she is not going to be rising up to a committee chair or rising up in leadership.”

That’s a fair point, it’s hard to make a deal when you have people like Michelle Bachmann opposing stuff like Sequester and it’s not likely she was going to be in the leadership anytime soon.

Yet despite all of this irrelevance there seems to be no other topic today, as RBPundit put it very well on Twitter:

I can’t do better than that:

There are reasons Michelle Bachmann has left congress but the left’s narratives aren’t likely on the list.

Update:  Pulled a link that didn’t belong to the 2012 story

Olimometer 2.52

I’m sure Michelle Bachmann will not only be happy but will do well financially after congress.

As for me, well we’re almost half way toward this week’s paycheck. If just 8 more people are willing to kick in $20 not only will my weekly paycheck be secured, but if five of you do so by Friday then my monthly goal (The Mortgage) will be secured

It’s true I have not fought as long or as hard as Michelle Bachmann for the Tea Party Cause but unlike the Democrat e-mails you know exactly where every dollar you kick in is going.