Free Kate: Have You Ever Heard of the Double Bluff?

General Custer: Still trying to outsmart me, aren’t you, mule-skinner. You want me to think that you don’t want me to go down there, but the subtle truth is you really *don’t* want me to go down there!

Little Big Man 1970

Orry Main: George, he’s fallen through

George Hazard: Good ought to slow him down

Orry Main: We can’t leave him there he might drown

George Hazard: I was afraid you’d say that

North and South 1985

4th Doctor:   You’re making a terrible mistake. Those are the wrong ones.
RASK: You can do better than that, Doctor.

Doctor Who  Underworld 1978

Thursday when commenting on the Kate Hunt case and the impending gay days I said the following.

for the Gay Community that is starting to win more and more votes and arguments the whole Kaitlyn Hunt = Rosa Parks business simply makes them pawns not only in the Hunt’s family quest to avoid any consequences for her daughter but for the same crowd that has looked at the reactions to that Gawker piece with great interest.

You have been warned.

This advice would seem counter-intuitive on my part. Since I’m looking to both persuade people to oppose Gay Marriage and to persuade others logically it would be to the great advantage of my side of the debate if the LGBT community invested itself wholly and completely in the Free Kate movement, to declare Kaitlyn’s cause their cause. I’d want those pushing the hardest for Gay marriage to shackle itself to the Hunt family so completely that one could not think of Gay Marriage without thinking of Kaitlyn Hunt her mother, father and sister and all they represent.

That being so, logically no member of the LGBT community committed to the cause of gay marriage should take my advice when my opposition to them is well known.  After all at the very start of this blog I wrote on Gay Marriage describing it thus:

The Gay marriage movement has all the trimmings of both a pop fad and a political movement by a loud group of elite people with money and clout; no different than the eugenics movements in the last century. I suspect beyond the core set of true believers the support is actually very thin. It is what the “enlightened” and “right” type of people support to show how good and tolerant they are. It allows people to feel good about themselves without actually doing anything. It keep them safe from that most dreaded charge of bigotry. In short it is an exercise in narcissism.

So while I’ve done my moral duty to warn the supporters of Gay Marriage of the danger of being used or abused by a family trying to get their daughter out of a bit of trouble and maybe make a buck or two in the process.  You are under no obligation to take that advice.  If you choose to endure the current Hiroshima

Wednesday, after hurling obscenity-laced messages in all directions, Emily Hunt switched her Twitter account status to private. Before she did, however, many of the Emily’s more incriminating messages were screen-capped.

and the potential promised Nagasaki, well that’s your problem.

But if you won’t believe me perhaps you might believe PFLAG of Vero Beach:

We have been watching the developments in this case since it was brought to our attention. PFLAG of Vero Beach cannot enter into the controversy for the following reason. We have not been able to find where the charges brought against this unfortunate young lady are inspired by homophobia, or are in any way anti-LGBTQ.

As That Mr G guy put it

When a story involves gay issues and you’ve lost PFLAG, you’re probably toast.

even if some try to hide it: